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Chief Librarian
Ms Lim Bee Ling
BA (Hons), MLib&InfSc (Mal)

Senior Assistant Librarian
Ms Aishah bt Ismail
BLibSc (ITM), MSc (UiTM)

Ms Hang Shy Yun
AdvDipSc (TARC), BS (Campbell), MLib&InfSc (Mal)

Ms Leow Seow Lean
BSocSc (Hons) (USM), MLib&InfSc (Mal)


Senior Library Officer
Ms Ong Kok Meng
BA (Hons) (UKM)

Assistant Librarian
Ms Aina Zaireynna bt Md Zainuddin
BScInfStu (Hons), MLS (UiTM)

Ms Engku Salina binti Engku Zahit


Ms Chang Kit Lai
AdvDipSc (TARC), BS (Campbell), MLib&InfSc (Mal)

Ms Fairuz Nawwar bt Mansor
DipInfMgt, BScInfStu (Hons) (UiTM), MLib&InfSc (IIUM)


Ms Hasrina bt Hasini
BScInfStu (Hons) (UiTM), MLib&InfSc (IIUM)


Senior Library Officer
Mr Gan Teck Yaw
BMgt (Hons) (UTM)


Library Officer
Ms Chan Pei Li
BComn (Hons) (UTAR)


Ms Chua Yong Ai
BMgt (Hons) (USM), MSc (UPM)


Ms Hong Saw Hoon
BA (Hons) (Mal), MA candidate


Ms Law Chia Ling
DipComm (TARC), MBA (C.Sturt)

Ms Lee Siew Chyn
BBA (Hons)(UTAR)

Senior Administrative Assistant
Ms Loi Sien Theng
DipSc (TARC)