Frequently Asked Questions


  Programmes and entry requirements
  Application & Registration
  Programme/Campus Transfer
  Withdrawal/Refund of Fees
  Scholarship and Loans
  Hostel Accommodation

Programmes and Entry Requirements

Q1: What are the programmes offered?
Q2: What are the general entry requirements for admission?
Q3: How long is the duration of the programmes
Q4: How much is the fees payable to TARC for the whole duration of the programmes?
Q5: I have only 4 credits in my SPM. Can I take the SPM (Ulangan) in order to make up for  the 5th credit for purposes of admission?
Q6: I am interested to do Diploma in Business Studies. I have 5 credits in my SPM but only obtained a pass in English Language.
Q7: I am a STPM/A Level holder. Can I be admitted into Year 2 of the Diploma programmes?
Q8: I am a student from another college. How do I transfer my credits to TARC?

Application & Registration

Q1: When can I apply for the programme?
Q2: How do I obtain the application form?
Q3: What are the application procedures ?
Q4: When is the application closing date?
Q5: Where do I submit my application?
Q6: How do I know if TARC has received my application?
Q7: How will I be informed of the result my application?
Q8: When would successful applicants receive their offer letters?
Q9: I checked the College website and have been offered a place to study in TARC. However I still have not received my offer letter but the due date of payment is near. What can I do?
Q10: If I am offered a programme, how do I make payment of fees?
Q11: I have paid my fees. How can I check my Student Registration Number?
Q12: When do I report for Orientation?

Programme/Campus Transfer

Q1: I have registered for a programme but would like to change to a programme of another School. What are the        procedures?
Q2: I would like to change programme within the same School, what should I do?
Q3: I am a new student at the Kuala Lumpur Main Campus. I would like to transfer to another campus. What should I do?
Q4: Can Pahang Branch Campus Certificate graduates pursue their Diploma programme at the Kuala Lumpur Main        Campus?

Withdrawal/Refund of Fees

Q1: What is the procedure if I want to withdraw from the programme?
Q2: I am a newly registered student, is there any refund of fees if I withdrawal from the programme?
Q3: Is there any refund of caution money?

Scholarship and Loans

Q1: What are the scholarships awarded by the College?
Q2: What are the loans available?
Q3: How do I apply for the loan?

Hostel Accommodation

Q1: Is there any hostel accommodation available?
Q2: Where can I obtain the hostel application form?


Q1: How do I get to TARC Main Campus in Setapak?
Q2: Is there any College bus services for students?
Q3: Does the College assist graduates to seek employment?
Q4: Is there any department that looks after the general welfare of the students in the College?
Q5: What are the security measures taken to ensure students’ safety in the College?