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Application Process

1 Application
2Submission of application
3TAR UC will acknowledge receipt of your application
4Application outcome
5Acceptance of offer

Entry Requirements

To be considered for admission to a programme of study, applicants must possess the minimum entry requirements. The entry requirements must be taken from only ONE (1) examination sitting. A Full Pass at STPM or a Pass at A Level may be acceptable in lieu of a credit for the corresponding SPM subject for admission into Diploma/Foundation programmes.

The general entry requirement for Diploma and A-Level programmes are SPM/O-Level/equivalent with minimum 5 relevant credits.

Selection for admission to any programme/campus is at the sole discretion of the University College.

Applicants must not have been involved in any disciplinary cases. Ex-students who were required to leave the programme due to disciplinary action may NOT be re-admitted into the University College.

Credit Transfer/Advanced Standing

Students applying for credit transfer/advanced standing must have successfully completed their programme and have good academic standing at the previous institution. Transfer of credits will only be awarded for previously attempted programmes that earned good grades and having comparable contents to the programme at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College.

Certified true copies of the official transcripts, programme structure, syllabi, samples of past examination papers and all relevant information and materials related to the post SPM/STPM/A Level/equivalent studies must be enclosed with the application and submitted to the Kuala Lumpur Main Campus.

Applications submitted without the above documents will be processed for normal admission without any consideration given for credit transfer/ advanced standing.

Medical Fitness

Applicants with medical conditions (e.g. colour blindness, epilepsy, etc) or other physical disabilities are advised to consider their choice of programme carefully.

In the interest of general safety, the University College reserves the right to consider such applicants for admission to an alternative programme/campus.

Fraudulent Documents

Admission is based upon the authenticity of documents submitted and information contained in the application form. Discovery of false information or omission of relevant information subsequent to the offer of admission will lead to the immediate dismissal at any point of time during the student’s programme of study. Such dismissal shall result in forfeiture of all fees paid and academic credit earned. Upon dismissal, students would NOT be able to gain re-admission into the University College.

Selection of Application

The selection of application is based on applicants academic merit, order of choice of programmes and the availability of programme vacancies.

Terms & Conditions

Students must note that upon registering as students of TAR University College through payment of fees, they are to abide and comply with all the rules and regulations of TAR University College . These include payment of fees, attendance at classes, attendance at examinations and observing University College rules. It is the responsibility of students to familiarise themselves with these rules and regulations and to understand that any breach of the same may lead to disciplinary action.

The University College does not accept responsibility or liability for any damage to students' property, the transfer of computer viruses to students’ equipment or personal injury to students caused by the misuse or unauthorised use of University College equipment or due to students not taking due care whilst on University College premises or engaging in University College activities.

TAR University College reserves the right to make variations to the contents or methods of delivery of programmes or to discontinue or not to conduct the programmes, if such action is deemed necessary by the Univerrsity College.