Notices & Circulars

Notice-ICSA Exemptions & June 2018 Examination

To: All RCA Year 3 Semester 2 Students,




Please note that you may register for the ICSA Exemption together with ICSA June 2018 Examination. Kindly prepare 2 separate bank drafts as follows:-


  1. Exemption Fees

MAICSA PDCA              :           RM110.00 per subject

(MAICSA PDCA exemption fees is NOT APPLICABLE for those who had applied and paid for MAICSA PDCA by December 2017)

(8 subjects x RM110 = RM880)


ICSA IQS (Part 1)                        :           RM220.00 per subject

(4 subjects x RM220 = RM880)


  1. Examination Fees

ICSA IQS (Part 2)                        :           RM 220.00 per subject

      Basic Entry Fee                 :           RM 165.00 per entry

    (For student who wish to sit for the June 2018 Examination)


  • It is up to you to decide the number of subject you wish to take.


Important Notes:

  1. Student may download the exemption & examination forms from MAICSA website:

  1. All bank drafts/cheques should be made payable to “MAICSA”
  2. Kindly make sure that your bank drafts/personal cheques are valid for six months. Sharing of bank drafts/cheques will not be accepted.
  3. Students have to attach a certified copy of their Diploma Certificate and Transcript.
  4. You must pay both the exemption fees and June 2018 examination fees IF you wish to sit for the June 2018 Examination.
  5. Deadline for submission of fees to FAFB office is on 9 March 2018 (Friday). Late payment will not be entertained.
  6. The bank draft will be returned to the students who are not eligible to sit for the June 2018 Examination.


Thank you.