Johor Branch Campus (Contact Us)
Branch Campus Head

Mr. Liaw Fenn Yenn
BA (Guelph), MBA (Leic)

Administrative Staff
Admissions & Centre for Continuing and Professional Education

Assistant Registrar
Ms. Tong Siew Ling
BSc (Hons) (UMT)

Bursary Department & Computer Laboratory

Senior Assistant Registrar
Ms. Gan Seow Bee
BBA (Hons) (W.Syd)

Estate & Maintenance Department

Assistant Registrar
Puan Noor Habsah Bt. Md. Jadi
BDes (UiTM)

Examinations Department

Senior Assistant Registrar
Ms. Lim Lee Peng
DipComm (TARC), ICSA Grad, MBA (Hull)

Faculty Office

Assistant Registrar
Ms. Tracy Chow Poh Lin
BA (Hons) (UKM)

Personnel Department

Senior Assistant Registrar
Ms. She Boon Yoke
BA (Hons) (UKM)

Student Affairs Department

Assistant Registrar
Ms. Sia Shi Xuan  
BSc (Hons), MMan (UTM)


Library Officer
Ms. Kat Mui Yen
DipMark (OBS), BBS (Hons) (UNITAR)

Academic Staff
Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business
Accounting Division
  Ms. Chong Chew Lan (Programme Leader)
BBS (Massey), CPA (Aust), MSc (Candidate)
  Ms. Chai Mok Nei
BComm(W.Aust), MSc (Lond)
  Ms. Te Hui Woon
BMgt (Hons)(UTM), MBA (UPM)

Puan Zainab Bt. Abu Bakar
AdvDipAcc (ITM), MBA (UUM)

Economics & Corporate Administration Division

Ms. Sharon Anne Joseph A/P William
BEc (Hons) (Mal), MBA (Candidate)


Ms. Siow Hui Sian
BEc (Hons), MEc (Mal), CPA (Candidate)

Marketing & Management Division

Mr. Lee Lai Fatt
BSc, MBA (Nicholls State), PhD Candidate

  Ms. Tharshini A/P S. Manalan
BBA (Hons) (UNITEN), MBA (Candidate)

Ms. Yeo Bee Li
BCommMgt (Lincoln), MBA (OUM)


Ms. Uma Devi A/P Raman
BSocSc (Hons) (UNIMAS)

Faculty of Applied Sciences and Computing
Computer Science Division

Ms. Ng Soh Leng (Programme Leader)
BS (Campbell), MSc (Candidate)


Mr. Chay Foo Soon
BEng (Hons)(MMU), CEMBA (WOU)


Ms. Chong Hwee Fuee
BCompSc (Hons) (UPM), MInsComnTechMgt (Candidate)


Mr. Lam Yaw Seng
BS (Campbell)


Mr. Liow Thong Hwee
BS (Campbell), MSc (Candidate)


Puan Noriza Binti Satam
BCompSc (Hons) (UPM), MSc (Candidate)


Ms. Pang Lie Lin
BCompSc (Hons) (Mal)


Puan Zuriana Bt. Abdul Rahim
BIT (Hons) (UUM), MInsComnTechMgt (Candidate)

Mathematics & Statistics Division

Ms. Lee Seow Inn
BSc (Hons) (Mal)


Ms. Soo Huey Chyi
BScCompEd (Hons), MSc (UTM)

Faculty of Social Science, Arts & Humanities
Public Relations Division

Ms. Claina Antonette A/P Antony (Programme Leader)
BComn (Hons) (UTAR), McorporateComn (UPM)


Mr. Thirukumaran A/L Murugaya
BComn (Hons), MComn (USM)

Hospitality Management Division

Ms. Caryn Lim Hui Min
MSocScsHum, BHospTMgt (Hons) (University of Toulouse)


Puan Fauziah Bt. Jalal
DipHotelMgt (UiTM)


Cik Noormaisarah Bt. Sabudin 
MHospMgt (Candidate), BSc (Hons)(UiTM),


Mr. Liew Yeow Kong
BSc (Hons)(Mal), DipCulinaryArt (IMIUC)

Nation Building & Languages
Bahasa Malaysia

Ms. Yai Ban Peh (Course Leader)
BMalStu (Hons), MEdMgt (Mal)

English Language

Mr. Kenny Tan Kwang Leng
BAEd (Hons) (USM), MEd (Candidate)


Mr. Wong Wai Mun
BA (Hons) (UPM), Mcouns (Candidate)