All graduands attending the Campbell University Convocation are required to pay the convocation fees as follows:

Fees Payable


(a) The following fees are payable by all Bachelor Degree graduands attending Convocation Ceremony:-

Convocation fees inclusive of Rental of Convocation Attire
(non refundable & non transferable)
- RM 150.00

Deposit for Rental of Convocation Attire
(refundable upon the return of the convocation attire in good condition within stipulated period)

- RM 300.00
  Total RM 450.00


(The Convocation Fees must be paid in full and partial payment is not allowed.)


Upon registration, all graduands attending convocation are required to print one (1) copy of the confirmed bill. Graduands are required to pay the convocation fees by 29 September 2017 – via any one of the following mode of payment:

  1. Payment at Public Bank Branches or
  2. Payment by Collection Service or
  3. Payment at the Bursary Office, Kolej Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman


  1. Payment at Public Bank Branches
    • Please complete the ‘Multiple Cheque Deposit Pay-In-Slip’ (i) payable to ‘Kolej Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman’. (ii) Account No. 3997568821 (iii) Bank Ref (1)  and (iv) Bank Ref (2) as indicated in the student bill.
    • No payment will be accepted by the Bank teller without the bill and the pay-in-slip.
    • Payment is strictly in CASH only and in exact amount as stated in the bill. CHEQUES/BANKER’S CHEQUE/MONEY ORDER/POSTAL ORDER ARE NOT ACCEPTED.
    • The bill and a copy of the pay-in-slip as receipt of payment will be returned by the Bank.
    • A service fee and commission (where applicable) will be collected by the Bank.
  2. Payment by Collection Service
    • Payment can only be made after One Working Day from bill issue date.
    • For payment option through e-banking, please log on to for further information.
    • Students/Payors are advised to check the payment transaction carefully and print a copy of the Computer Generated Receipt containing payment confirmation number as proof of payment made
    • A service fee will be charged by the Bank for each successful transaction.
  3. Payment at the Bursary Office, Kolej Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman
    • Please present this Student Bill when making payment. This bill will be retained by Bursary.
    • Payment is accepted only in Cheque, Bank Draft, Money Order, Postal Order, Public Bank debit cards and credit cards.
    • For Public Bank debit card, the ‘Retail Purchase Limit’ is defaulted at RM 2,000.00 per day.   Please ensure your card ‘Retail Purchase Limit’ is sufficient to pay your fees. The limit can be set at any Public Bank ATM.
    • NO CASH will be accepted.


-Deadline for registration is: Wednesday, 27 September 2017
-Deadline for payment is : Friday, 29 September 2017
“Please note that payment made after 29 September 2017 will not be entertained”

Please refer to TAR UC Convocation website for the detailed convocation arrangement.


Printing of Receipt Online via Student Intranet
Graduands may view and print official receipt issued by the University College on the convocation bill paid, two (2) days after payment is made via Student Intranet accessible under Billing > Payment History > Receipt No.

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