Fees Structure


Fees for TAR University College Postgraduate Programme

ProgrammesMode of StudyFacultyMinimum DurationTotal Fee for Malaysian Candidates (RM) **Total Fee for International Candidates (RM) **

Master of Business Administration
(Dual Award)


By Coursework


Full Time: 1.5 years

Part Time: 3 years

Full Time: 21,790.00

Tuition Fee: 19,440.00
Other Fees: 2,350.00 #
Dual Award Fees: £ 2,200.00

Part Time: 22,705.00

Tuition Fee: 19,440.00
Other Fees: 3,265.00 #
Dual Award Fees: £ 2,200.00

Full Time: 31,248.00

Tuition Fee: 23,248.00
Research Component: N/A
Other Fees: 7,920.00 #
Dual Award Fees: £ 2,200.00

Master of Science

Master of Science (Life Science)

By Research


Full Time: 2 years

Part Time: 3 years

Full Time: 9,185.00

Tuition Fee: 2,835.00
Research Component: 2,000.00
(per annum)
Other Fees: 2,350.00 #

Part Time: 10,300.00

Tuition Fee: 2,835.00
Research Component: 1,400.00
(per annum)
Other Fees: 3,265.00 #

Note: Thesis Examination of RM1,500 for (to be paid upon submission)

Full Time: 16,122.00

Tuition Fee: 3,402.00
Research Component: 2,400.00
(per annum)
Other Fees: 7,920.00 #

Note: Thesis Examination of RM1,800 for (to be paid upon submission)

  • ** Fee within minimum duration only
  • # Other Fees consists of Registration fee, Facilities & Resource, Examination & Service Fee, Insurance Premium, Caution Money, Insurance Premium, Award Assessment Fee but excludes fees for Status Maintenance Fee, dissertation/thesis examination fee, etc.

Name of Faculty:

FAFB - Faculty of Accounting, Finance and Business
FASC - Faculty of Applied Sciences and Computing
FEBE - Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment
FSAH - Faculty of Social, Arts and Humanities

Details of Other Fees

Details of Other FeesMalaysian Candidate
Amount (RM)
Non- Malaysian Candidate
Amount (RM)
(i) Other Fees (Non-Recurring):
Application Fee (payable at time of application) 60.00 600.00
International Student Administrative Fee N/A 5,000.00 *
Registration (payable once upon registration) 200.00 500.00
Caution Money (Refundable. Payable upon registration) 200.00 500.00
Award Assessment 120.00 120.00
(payable in the final year of study)
Recurring (Per Annum):
Facilities & Resource Fee 400.00 400.00
Insurance Premium 15.00 Included in EMGS**
Examination & Service Fees 500.00 500.00
EMGS N/A Depending on nationalities
* For normal duration of study

**Charges for Student Pass, Visa, Personal Bond and any other processing fees and charges related to medical screening and medical insurance will be borne and paid by the international student to Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS).
(ii) Tuition Fee
Technical Unit
Master's Degree Programmes
405.00 per credit hour 486.00 per credit hour
Research Component
a) Master's Degree by Research
Full Time 2,000.00 per annum 2,400.00 per annum
Part-Time 1,400.00 per annum  
(iii) Other student related fees
Thesis/ Dissertation Examination (Upon submission):
Master's Degree
1,500.00 1,800.00
Thesis/ Dissertation Re- Examination (Upon submission):
Master's Degree
1,500.00 1,800.00
Fees for Appeal for Review of Examination Results:
Review of Examination Results
Review of Dissertation/ Thesis Results/ Project
100.00 per course
300.00 per dissertation/thesis/project

100.00 per course
300.00 per dissertation/thesis/project

Reinstatement Fee 100.00 100.00
Resit Fee 400.00 per course 400.00 per course
Repeat Fee Payment based on tuition fee at the prevailing rate per credit
for the repeating course(s)
Status Maintenance Fee + Insurance (per annum) 400.00 + 15.00 400.00 + EMGS Charges

TAR University College reserves the right to change without prior notice