Co-curricular Courses

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College believes in providing holistic education. The moral, social and physical aspects of a student's life are as important as the student's academic and intellectual development.

In general, the implementation of this course would enable the University College to produce graduates who are able to face life's challenges.

The course is specially designed:
- To develop responsible citizens and foster national unity.
- To develop understanding between different cultures.
- To develop student's physical, spiritual and emotional health.
- To develop student's soft skills.

The Co-curricular course is compulsory for all students pursuing TAR University College’s Diploma and Bachelor Degree programmes. Students are required to complete and pass two credit hours before they can graduate at every level of their studies. Students taking the Co-curricular course will be graded. However, the grades will not contribute to the GPA and CGPA.

No Co-curricular credit transfer is allowed from a lower level to a higher level; i.e. No credit transfer is allowed from Diploma level to Degree level.

Students are not allowed to take the same co-curricular course which they have taken and passed during their lower level of study. Students must take a different co-curricular course for different level of study. (E.g. A student who has passed Basketball in Diploma level must take a different co-curricular course at the Bachelor Degree level.)

All students with physical disabilities are also required to participate in the Co-curricular Course. However, students requiring special assistance should notify the Activities & Sports Coordinator for guidance and advice regarding the suitability of the course.