Amongst many successful alumni, some wish to share their experience as graduates of the School of Arts and Science, now renamed as Faculty of Applied Sciences and Computing.
    Simon Kong Keen Tween
    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC: BSc Campbell University, 1990.
    Advanced Diploma, TARC, 1990.
    Alumni Activities:-
    Secretary General for Federation of TARC Alumni Associations
    Committee Member for School of Arts & Science Alumni Society
    Current Job Position and company:
    Sales Director - Asia Pacific, Amdocs, Global Telecommunications BSS& OSS Software leader
    Comment on the TARC program:

    “Studying in TAR UC has improved my Mandarin language proficiency coming from English educated background which has helped me when communicating with my management and peers while I was working in Huawei China HQ. Microelectronics and Computer Science course works have also greatly helped me with my initial understanding of Communication Technology and Information technology respectively. Finally getting through the many examinations have also helped build my dexterity and focus in achieving my career goals. I sincerely hope that TAR UC will one day become the globally recognised Harvard or MIT of Asia and would like to call upon all Alumni to help the cause".
    Yap Yau Koong

    Name: Yap Yau Koong

    Year Graduated: 1991

    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC: 

    Diploma in Science (Chemistry & Biology), TARC, 1991.

    Bachelor of Science (Chemistry & Biology), Campbell University, 1991.


    Other Qualifications:
    Certified Financial Planner – Financial Planning Association Malaysia, 2004.

    Spearhead and lead the setting up of structured training programme for the plantation division of Genting Plantations in 2008 and for the research centre in 2011.


    Current Job Position and Company:
    Vice President – Plantation Advisory, Genting Plantations Berhad ▪ Aug, 2011 – Present


    Past  Job Positions and Company:
    Vice President - Research, Genting Plantations Research Centre (GPRC) ▪ 14 May, 2007 – August 2011
    Manager, Advisory Services – Guthrie Plantation & Agricultural Services Sdn Bhd (GPAS) ▪ Jan, 2005 – May 2007
    Technical Advisor – GPAS ▪ October, 1995 – December 2004
    Estate Assistant Manager – Guthrie Estates ▪ March 1992 – September, 1995
    Cadet Planter – Bukit Asahan Estate, Guthrie ▪ August 1991 – February 1992


    Quote/Comment on TARC program:
    Thanks to TARC, I am where I am today. The program in TARC allowed me to obtain both Diploma and Degree qualifications concurrently and it has helped me secure job easily as students graduating from TARC are greatly sought after by the industry due to the industry centric course syllabus. Lecturers in TARC are also very dedicated and committed in their work.

    Tan Ngee Keong
    Year graduated: 2004
    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC:
    Diploma in Science (Chemistry & Biology), TARC, 2002
    Advanced Diploma in Science (Chemistry & Biology), TARC, 2004
    Bachelor of Science (Chemistry & Biology), Campbell University, USA, 2004
    Other Academic & Professional qualifications:
    Master of Science (Biomedical Science), University of East London, UK, 2008
    Specialist Diploma (Virology), Institute of Biomedical Science, UK, 2012
    Certificate of Competence, Institute of Biomedical Science, UK, 2010
    Registered Biomedical Scientist, Health and Care Profession Council (Formerly Health Profession Council), UK, 2010
    Chartered Scientist, Science Council, UK, 2012
    Chartered Biologist, Society of Biology, UK, 2012
    MSc Student of the Year, University of East London, UK, 2008
    Postgraduate Scholarship, University of East London, UK, 2007
    Book Prize (Adv Dip Sci), TARC, 2004
    Book Prize (Dip Sci), TARC, 2002
    Undergraduate Scholarship, TARC, 2002-2004
    Best Individual (Society/Academic/Class), SMK Gemas, 1999
    Most Caring Student Award, MOE, 1994
    Other scholarly activities:
    Learned societies:
    Institute of Biomedical Science, MIBMS, UK
    Society of Biology, MSB, UK
    Professional roles:
    Local CPD Officer, Institute of Biomedical Science, UK
    Current Job Position :
    Acting Advanced Biomedical Scientist (Medical Virology/Microbiology), St George’s Hospital, UK
    Comment on the TARC programme:
    The BS (Chemistry & Biology) degree conferred by Campbell University that I obtained while at TARC (initially admitted to the Diploma in Science) has helped me tremendously in subsequent academic and professional studies and career, as exemplified below:
    1. The BS degree was recognised by the UK NARIC and HEIs, which allowed me to pursue my MSc.
    2. The BS degree, augmented by my MSc degree (which I did to obtain further education and training in specialist areas of biomedical science) was assessed and accepted by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) as a preliminary qualification towards the award of the Certificate of Competence, which is required to register as a Biomedical Scientist with the Health and Care Profession Council (HCPC; formerly Health Profession Council). The statutory registration is necessary for me to work in the UK National Health Service.
    3. The BS and MSc qualifications were needed when I was chartered by the Society of Biology (CBiol) and Science Council (CSci). Chartered status is recognised as a hallmark of excellence in both the UK and the EU. CBiol and CSci represent high levels of professionalism and competence in Biology and Science.
    4. Without the BS from Campbell, I would not have been able to study for my MSc or obtain my HCPC registration, and be at my current role as an Acting Advanced Biomedical Scientist. I contribute my scientific knowledge and skills to patient healthcare and engage in innovative research and development in diagnostic medical laboratory.
    The academicians, researchers and laboratory staffs were friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgeable and professional. I am also very grateful for their time and willingness to sit with me to guide me through the tough times, both academically and personally, as a lecturer and a friend. By the time I left TARC, I became not just a scientist with a sound knowledge of both practical and theoretical aspects of Life Sciences and Chemical Sciences, but also transferable skills so crucial in working life. The knowledge and skills acquired are extremely valued and respected by Universities and employers alike, even in the UK (Yes, I am the living TARCian to say this as I have experienced it myself!). The standard and quality of the education and training is undoubtedly therefore, world-class. So, I would recommend this institution for tertiary and further education, including Continuing and Professional Education.
    Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Chemistry & Biology Division, SAS and TARC, or perhaps I should say, Dept of BioScience and Sport Science, FASC and TAR University College to have achieved this unprecedented growth. You have made me very proud to be a TARCian ☺. Thank you very much!
    Suresh Kumar Govind
    Year graduated: 1985

    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC:
    Dip Sc (Chemistry and Biology)

    BS (Chemistry and Biology)

    Other qualifications:
    Diploma in Applied Parasitology and Entomolgy(SEAMEO),

    MSc (UM), PhD( NUS, Singapore)
    Malaysian Toray Science Grant award winner 1995

    National Young Scientist Award               

    Association of Commonwealth Universities Scholarship to study at the  Scottish Parasite Diagnostic Laboratory 2000
    Winner of the Golden Innovative award (development of an in vitro detection kit for Blastocystis)    at University of Malaya 2001
    Winner of the Gold award at ITEX exhibition                                                          2002
    Winner of the Gold award at the International Geneva exhibition 2002

    Winner of the National Innovation award 

    Winner of the Malaysian Society of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine Award 2002
    University of Malaya Excellence award  2002 
    University of Malaya, Excellence award 2003
    Malaysian nominee for UN Public Service award 2003
    Malaysian Nominee for World Water award  2003
    University of Malaya, Excellence award  2004
    University of Malaya, Excellence award  2006
    Malaysia Toray Science and Technology Award 2008
    Nominated for Merdeka Award 2008
    University Excellence Award                                                                     2010

    Current Job Position:

    Professor at the Department of Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Malaya

    Quote/comment on the TAR program:

    Learn how to plan and study as well acquire the ability to multi task

    Unless true meaning of life is understood, education will merely become an opportunity to collect information, An inspiring goal is what that transforms normal mechanical and routine life to a daring , exciting and fun  adventure...only when we learn to live on the minimum and give out the maximum can we tap our inner most potentials and leave a legacy for others to follow…
    Kenny Roger Wong

    Year graduated: 2010


    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC:
    Advanced Diploma in Sport and Exercise Science cum BS Degree.     

    Current Job Position:          
    Fitness Instructor at Kieser Training Australia
    Massage Therapist at Advance Myotherapy Clinic


    Previous work:
    Assistant Manager at Kieser Training Singapore


    Ongoing :
    Studying Remedial Massage at Eastwest College Australia

    Quote/comment on the TARC program:

    Our lecturers selflessly gave themselves towards our learning and education. They were our mentors and guides throughout our four years of undergraduate studies. My studies and experiences at TARC have since given me an edge over my peers in the industry.
    Leonard Yong Mee Seng

    Year graduated: 1975

    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC:
    B.Sc.(Hons) London; Dip Sc.     

    Other qualifications: 
    Ph.D.(Malaya); M.Ed (Malaya); Dip.Ed (Malaya); FAPA; MB

    Professor in Educational Psychology, Universiti Malaya (retired);
    Fulbright Scholar (USA);
    Japan Foundation Research Fellow
    Fellow, American Psychotherapy Association
    Member, British Psychological Society
    Author of the Leonard Personality Inventory (presently used worldwide)


    Current Job Position:          
    International Psychological Consultant based in Dubai
    Adjunct Professor, Asia e university
    Honorary Professor, UTAR

    Quote/comment on the TARC program:

    ‘My three years studying in KTAR from 1972-1975 helped to give me a firm foundation towards a successful academic career.
    If I had not gone through the KTAR education I doubt I would have achieved what I have achieved today. It was a great feeling to be part of history as I was among the pioneer batch of students from KTAR School of Arts and Science enrolled in the London University B.Sc. program’.
    Goh Khai Ning
    Year graduated: 2011
    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC:
    Diploma in Science (Business Information Systems), TAR College, 2009
    Advanced Diploma in Science (Business Information Systems), TAR College, 2011
    Bachelor of Science (Major in Business Information Systems) - Magna Cum Laude, Campbell University, 2011

    Goh Khai Ning obtained the following professional certifications and examinations during his study at TAR College:

    a) Microsoft

    i ) Active Microsoft Certification - Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
    .NET Framework 4, Web Application
    .NET Framework 4, Service Communication Applications
    .NET Framework 4, Data Access
    ii) Microsoft Certified Exams completed successfully:-
    TS: Web Application Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
    TS: Windows Communication Foundation Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
    TS: Accessing Data with Microsoft .NET Framework 4
    TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, ASP .NET Application Development
    b) Novell

    i)   Novell Certified Linux Administrator: SUSE Linux Server Enterprise 10

    ii)  Novell Certified Linux Professional: SUSE Linux Server Enterprise 10

    iii) Data Center Technical Specialist

    iv) Data Center Advanced Technical Specialist


    c) IBM

    i) IBM Certified Academic Associate (DB2 9 Database and Application Fundamentals)


    Consolation Award (Top 7 Finalist)  - Microsoft Imagine cup Malaysia 2010 - Software Design
      (source : http://www.tarc.edu.my/sas/achievements/imagine_cup_2010.htm)
    Champion - TARC Linux competition 2010
    Champion - TAR College imagine cup 2009/10 - Software Design
      (source : http://web3.tarc.edu.my/v1/mainweb/press/press09/cont1211.htm)
    Finalist - TAR College imagine cup 2008/09 - Software Design
    Current Job Position and company:
    Analyst Programmer, Formis Computer Services Shd. Bhd.
    Quote/comment on the TARC program:
    “TARC cares about every student. The lecturers are personable, friendly and willing to help students to achieve his/her maximum potential. I obtained professional knowledge and soft skills during my college time and prepared me for my future career. Therefore, I am fortunate to have this great opportunity to study at TARC and proud to say that I am a TARCIAN!”
    Stephen Tang Oon Thean
    Year Graduated: 2002

    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC:
    Diploma in Computer Science (Major in Computing Mathematics),2000;
    Advanced Diploma in Computer Science (Major in Computing Mathematics), 2002;

    BSc in Computer Science (Major in Computing Mathematics) Campbell University, 2002

    Other Qualifications:
    MSc in Computer Games Technology (Distinction), 2003;
    PhD in Computing Systems, expected 2012;

    PG Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, expected 2012, LJMU.

    Current Job Position and Company:

    Senior Lecturer in Computing, Programme Leader for Computer Animation and Visualisation Programme, Liverpool John Moores University.

    Quote/Comment on TARC program:

    "As a student graduated from TARC, it has prepared me well for my career and my future. As an ex-staff of SAS, I know my colleagues have worked very hard to ensure Computing programmes at TARC to be one of the best in the country."
    Choong Woei Chiang
    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC:
    Advance Diploma in Science (Microelectronics and Physics), 2002
    BS degree (Microelectronics and Physics), Campbell University (2002)
    My first job is an associate engineer in Norelco Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd in Shah Alam for 3 years. Norelco main customer is Western Digital, Malaysia, which is a key player in Hard Disk Drive manufacturing. Our main service is focus on automatic machine localization from US and after sales service.
    Thereafter, I joined Flextronics, Shah Alam in 2005 as a Fixture Design Engineer. In Flextronics, we are mainly focus on cell phone manufacturing for Sony Ericson.
    In year 2006, my ex-boss Johnson Poon (Managing Director from Norelco Precision Engineering) has invited me to join his ventured company at Shenzhen, China. My current company name is Chinasol technology Shenzhen Co,. Ltd and my position is Program Engineering Manager.
    I have been working in Shenzhen for 4 years, under my account I have few key customers which included Hitachi (HDD division), Siemens Mendit Magnetic Resonance Ltd and Oclaro. My customers are engaged with Hard Disk Drive, Medical and telecommunication fields respectively.
    Current Job Position and company: 
    Program Manager, Chinasol Technology (Shenzhen) Co,. Ltd.

    Comment on the TARC program:

    “TAR program provide a full range of skill, knowledge and experience for the students. The program and skill that we learn was able to increase our confident when we serve in different company or country”.
    Ms. Leong Whye Suet
    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC:
    Diploma in Science (Chemistry & Biology), TARC, 1991.
    Bachelor of Science (Chemistry & Biology), Campbell University, 1991.
    1991  -  Graduate  Chemistry   Medal – Malaysian Institute of Chemistry (top student in Chemistry in Malaysia)
    1991  -  Perpetual Cup Award for the most outstanding student of the Year – Campbell University North Carolina USA
    1991  -  Samuel  Brown  Prize  for  Biology – Campbell  University, North Carolina, USA
    1991  -  Matthew  Baillie  Prize for Chemistry – Campbell University, North Carolina, USA
    1991  -  Book Prize for Diploma in Science Third Year – Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    1990  -  Book Prize for Diploma in Science Second Year  – Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    1989  -  Book Prize for Diploma in Science First Year  – Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    Current Job Position and company:
    Group Purchasing Manager North East Asia, Jotun Coatings

    Comment on the TARC program:

    “The TAR College program which I had undertaken (Applied Science and Computing) has provided me with a good head start in preparation for my future in the working world then. It has a good combination of theory, practical as well as field trips in order to provide a better totality in the learning process. Besides, the lecturers have been very inspirational and motivating, which contributes very much to my success, both academically as well as in the self development to whom I am today. One of the most important ingredients in order to be outstanding in the working world is to have the hunger to constantly excel and not to be complacent in the success which one has achieved today. After all, life is full of continuous improvement opportunities”.

      Enzo Ong Kang Xiong
    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC : Advanced Diploma in Science cum BS Degree Campbell University (Information Systems Engineering), 2009
    Current Position: Release Manager (Project Manager) at DHL IT Services
    Quote/Comment on TARC Program:
    "My educational experience in TAR College with Campbell University program is more than just conventional lecturing exercises but numerous opportunities in various seminar, competition, and extra-curricular activities to apply critical thinking skills, creative problem solving skills, teamwork, and develop leadership qualities. TAR College offers a platform for students to learn and become an excellent performer. TARC guides me to become a future leader and well-rounded individual!"

    Fong Choong Fook

    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC : Certificate in Computer Studies, 1997


    Current Position: Senior IT Security Consultant
    LE Global Services Sdn Bhd

    Quote/Comment on TARC Program:
    "TARC has given me the opportunities to express my full capacity. I am grateful to TARC for the excellent academic commitment! "

    Dr. Chiau Choo Chiap
    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC :BS Degree (Microelectronics and Physics), Campbell University, 2000
    Current Position:Research Scientist, Philips Research.
    Dr Chiau completed his BSc (Microelectronics and Physics) in the year 2000 from TARC and MSc in Mobile and Satellite Communications from University of Surrey in the UK in 2001. He then received his PhD degree in MIMO antenna arrays for mobile phones from the Communications Research Group at Queen Mary University of London in 2006 during which he also worked as a Research Assistant at the university for a year. He then continued to work as a Post-Doctoral researcher in the university for another year. In August 2007, he joined Philips Research as a Research Scientist, where he has mainly worked on signalling and resource allocation techniques for Long-Term Evolution (LTE), and more recently LTE-Advanced. He is participating in 3GPP RAN Working Groups 1 and 2. He has published over 40 research papers on topics including antenna arrays for MIMO systems, UWB antennas, dielectric antennas and bio-electromagnetics. He also has 7 patents pending on mobile wireless system topics.
    Quote/Comments on TARC Program :  
    "I graduated from TARC in 2000 with a BSc in Microelectronics (Combination A). I was attracted to the Microelectronics and Physics Division due to the wide range of modules on offer for the course and the state-of-the-art lab facilities. Overall, my three years at TARC have been a rewarding experience, in terms of the knowledge gained and the friends made. Studying at TARC has been such an enjoyable experience that I became a lecturer at the college prior to pursuing my Masters and PhD studies at universities in the UK."
    Dr. Lim Hee Chuan    
    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC : Diploma in Science (Microelectronics and Physics), BS degree (Microelectronics and Physics) Campbell University
    Current Position : Associate Professor, TARC
    Hee Chuan, LIM graduated from Tunku Abdul Rahman College, Setapak, Malaysia with Diploma in Science and B.S. Degree (Microelectronics and Physics), Campbell University, NC, USA. He completed his M.Sc. in Physics at Western Illinois University, IL, USA. He then completed his Ph.D. in Applied Physics at New Jersey Institute of Technology, NJ, USA/Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, NJ, USA. After his Post-Doctoral Research Fellow tenure at NJIT, he was promoted to Research Professor and subsequently an Assoc. Professor. During his brief post-doctoral research duration, he was also appointed as an Assoc. Research Scientist by the Princeton University Graduate Faculty, at Princeton University. He has mentored numerous B.Sc. undergraduates, M.Sc. as well as Ph.D. graduate students and Post Doctoral Research Fellows, besides serving as the P.I. and co-P.I. on private and military funded research grants and contracts. He has patented over 10 utility patents and published more than 20 peers reviewed journals and articles.
    His current research interest is in Biophotonics, Biomedical devices, Photonics, Large area electronics and devices, Sensors and transducers, Si MEMs processing, Electrically conductive polymer and nanoscale aqueous materials deposition and Terahertz spectroscopy and communication.
    Achievements :
    Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award 2009
    Marquis Who’s Who in America 2009 and 2010
    NJIT Excellence in Teaching Award 2000
    Best Paper Award, Biochemical and Biomedical Applications, 2000 9th Annual Uni-Tech Conference
    New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology Biomaterials Research Award 1999
    Western Illinois University Departmental Best Graduate Achievement Award 1997
    Sigma Pi Sigma Physics Honors Society Life Member Award
    Quote/Comments on TARC Program :

    The Microelectronics and Physics program is (and I believe, still is) both the most cost and time efficient path to post graduate education overseas.

    The program instilled technical hands-on on instrumentation, in addition to promoting creative R&D logical thinking skill that is much required in current sciences development.

    Dr. Chia Ching Ooi  
    Qualification(s) obtained from/through

    Dip. Sc.(IT), Adv. Dip. Sc (Microelectronics), TARC.
    B.S., Campbell University, U.S.A.

    Other qualifications:
    M.Eng., UTM
    PhD (Computer Science), University of Freiburg, Germany
    Quote/Comments on TARC Program :
    Studying at TARC has given me the opportunity to grow as an independent person and a potential researcher.  Having English as its teaching medium certainly helps prepare its students for our globalized world.  I appreciate especially some lecturers for their patience in teaching and being good listeners during discussions in classrooms.
    Pang Hiok Boon    
    Current Position : Vice President, Application Development,
    Formis BASS Software Sdn Bhd,
    A subsidiary of Formis Resources Sdn Bhd
    Qualification(s) obtained from/through:
    Diploma in Science (Computer Science and Mathematics)
    Tunku Abdul Rahman College.
    Bachelor of Science (Computer Science and Mathematics),
    Campbell University, U.S.A. 1989
    Quote/Comments on TARC Program :

    The programme had provided me a good IT foundation for my future career path and growth.  The industrial training, presentation and final year project had further provide me a chance to learn and acquire the necessary skills to prepare to face the real working world.








    Yau Chyong Lim




    Yau Chyong Lim


    Year graduated   



    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC   

    Diploma in Science (Microelectronics & Physics), TARC, Malaysia
    Bachelor of Science (Microelectronics & Physics) Campbell University, USA

    Other qualifications   

    Master in Business Administration (Finance), Keele University, UK



    Panel speaker in various international satellite conferences held in USA, Europe and Asia regions
    Member of Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (CASBAA), Satellite Industry Committee (2012 – present)
    Member of Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC), Board of Directors (2012 – 2014)


    Current Job Position   

    Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of MEASAT Satellite Systems Sdn. Bhd.
    Prior to assuming the CCO role:

    • Vice President, Business Development & Strategic Planning, MEASAT
    • Senior Director, Sales & Marketing, MEASAT

    Quote/comment on the TAR program

    TARC has enabled many Malaysian to achieve their dream for higher education with the most cost effective and time efficient manners.
    I have benefited from the Microelectronics & Physics program which has provided me with a solid engineering foundation to work in the very much technically-inclined satellite industry.
    I am very impressed with the excellent progress that TARC has achieved over the years and am confident they will continue striving for greater success.








    Magnus Lee Weng Shiang




    Magnus Lee Weng Shiang


    Year graduated   



    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC   

    Advance Diploma in Science cum Bachelor of Science (Microelectronics with Computer Communications)


    Current Job Position   

    CTO, LocatedAt Sdn Bhd


    Quote/comment on the TAR program

    My final year project journey, under continuous support and guidance from resourceful Dr. Ng Swee Chin, was both memorable and valuable, as a great foundation to my career and business path. My team was then working on a mobile surveillance device project with the objective of improving efficiency of surveillance while increasing relationship bonding between parents and children. The experience in putting an idea into implementation and seeing it working is just priceless.

    Some advice to juniors:
    Play hard, work harder. Always get yourself prepared for new challenge ahead and don’t be afraid to dream. For every vision comes from a dream and every success story requires a great vision.








    Roy Lim Sia Loy




    Roy Lim Sia Loy


    Year graduated   



    Qualification(s) obtained from TARC   

    Diploma in Science (Information System Engineering)


    Current Job Position   

    Founder and Marketing Director,  LocatedAt Sdn Bhd

    Quote/comment on the TAR program

    TARC’s life offers me the chance to mingle around with college mates coming from a diverse background. It has taught me the invaluable lesson of truly understanding what “No man is an island” meant and its importance in day-to-day real life application.

    The precious experiences learnt from assignment, project and team building in my college life has help moulded my essential soft skill required to adopt and excel in today’s ever competitive marketing industry.

    Some advice to juniors:
    Meaningful life start with a clear target followed by careful planning and finally executing it with your passion while staying positive throughout the journey. The results matters least compare to what you will gain along the journey as long as your give it all.

    Datuk Dr. Thed Cor Yong
    Managing Director
    CMG HOLDINGS SDN BHD of CMG Group of Companies
    Datuk Dr. Thed receiving the “PIKOM Key Industry Leader Recognition Award” in 2007 for his contribution in ICT industry
    Tai Sing Nge
    Managing Director
    Maxima Franchise Sdn Bhd
    Mr Tai receiving the "Most Promising Entrepreneurship Award"
    of Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2008
    by ENTERPRISE ASIA, a non-governmental organisation for entrepreneurship.