External Examiner & Adviser
  • External Examiner

  • Programme Advisory  Panel (PAP)

  • Industrial Expert Advisory  Panel (IEAP)
  • External Examiner for Analytical Chemistry
    External Examiner for Bioscience with Chemistry
    External Examiner for Sports and Exercise Science
    External Examiner for Management Mathematics with Computing
    External Examiner for Software Engineering
    External Examiner for Information Security
    External Examiner for Interactive Software Technology
    External Examiner for Microelectronics (Embedded Technology)
    External Examiner for Applied Physics (Instrumentation)
    External Examiner for Food Science
    External Examiner for Enterprise Information Systems
    External Examiner for Software Systems Development & Internet Technology
  • Talk on “Current and Future Trend in Food Science” by External Examiner Professor Dr Abdul Salam Babji
  • SAS PAP External Advisers & IEAP Industry Advisers 2012/2013 academic year Visit – Working Towards High Quality
  • Talk on Computer Vision by Computer Science External Examiner
  • TAR College Welcomes SAS External Examiners
  • Talk on Undergraduate Education by Professor Leong, external examiner for Computer Science (28 June 2012)
  • SAS PAP Advisers & IEAP Industry Advisers Visit to TARC (3-4 Apr 2012)
  • Visit of PAP External Adviser, Dr Lim Soo King (31 Oct 2011)
  • A talk given by PAP External Adviser, Professor Dr. Ng Soon (28 Jul 2011)
  • A talk given by IEAP Industry Adviser, Dr. Yew Chong Hooi  (14 Jul 2011)
    Industrial Expert Advisory Panel (IEAP)

    SAC Dato' Dr. Yew Chong Hooi

    (IEAP for Bioscience with Chemistry)
    Royal Malaysia Police College Kuala Lumpur


    Mr. Sam Eng Sun
    (IEAP for Microelectronics with Embedded Technology)

    Chief Technology Officer,
    Mobiepay (M) Sdn. Bhd. / GHC Systems Berhad


    CV for Mr. Sam Eng Sun



    Mr. Long Fong Yee
    (IEAP for Software Systems Development)

    Manager, Ecosystem Development, IBM Software Group IBM Malaysia Sdn Bhd


    CV for Mr. Long Fong Yee



    Mr. Bazil Akmal Bin Bidin
    (IEAP for Interactive Software Technology)



    CV for Mr. Bazil Akmal Bin Bidin



    Dato' Dr. Thed Cor Yong
    (IEAP for Software Engineering)

    Managing Director, CMG Holdings Sdn Bhd


    CV for Dato' Dr. Thed Cor Yong



    Mr. Chang Chi Wai
    (IEAP for Management Mathematics with Computing)

    Founder and Executive Director, AHP Products

    CV for Mr. Chang Chi Wai



    Mr. Hon Fun Ping
    (IEAP for Information Security)
    CEO, Sysarmy Sdn. Bhd.


    CV for Mr. Hon Fun Ping


    Dr. Yap Soon Chee
    (IEAP for Analytical Chemistry and Food Science)
    Director of Product Development, Emery Oleochemicals Sdn Bhd


    Mr. Tay Khoon Yang
    (IEAP for Applied Physics with Scientific Instrumentation)
    Director, Hi-Tech Instruments

    CV for Mr. Tay Khoon Yang


    Mr. Jerrican Tan Aik Ling
    (IEAP for Sports and Exercise Science)
    Managing Director, Fitness Innovations Malaysia Sdn Bhd

    CV for Mr. Jerrican Tan Aik Ling


    Mr. Ngan Seok Chern
    (IEAP for Internet Technology)
    APAC AHQ MSP LEAD Microsoft

    CV for Mr. Ngan Seok Chern