• Campbell University Dual Award Bachelor of Science Programmes  
  • Fees for Campbell University Dual Award Programmes  
    Bachelor of Science Perpetual Cup

    The Perpetual Cup is awarded to the student who upon having completed the requirements for the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Science of Campbell University is selected by the Head and Faculty as the most outstanding student of the senior class considering academic achievement, character, integrity and leadership potential.

    Bachelor of Science Subject Prizes

    A subject prize is awarded to the final year student who has demonstrated the best erformance the respective subject.

    The prizes for the subjects are as follows:
    (i) The James Alexander Magowan Prize for Physics
    (ii) Microelectronics Prize
    (iii) The Dwight Lamar Norwood Prize for Mathematics
    (iv) The Wallace Ewart Prize for Computer Science
    (v) The Samuel Martin Brown Prize for Biology
    (vi) The Mathew Baillie Prize for Chemistry
    (vii) Information Systems Prize
    Dr Teh Hock Heng Memorial Prize in Physics

    The Dr Teh Hock Heng Memorial Prize in Physics was established by the College Council in memory of the late Dr Teh in recognition of his dedicated services to the College. The late Dr Teh was an eminent academician in the field of Physics who had served in the College Council from the founding of the College until 1983.

    SAS Alumni Society Diploma Cup

    The SAS Alumni Society Diploma Cup is to be awarded to outstanding Diploma student of Kuala Lumpur Main Campus based on the criteria shown below. The SAS Alumni Society Diploma Cup will be presented to the winner in the Diploma convocation. Winner of the award will be given a Cup Winning Certification and a cash prize award of RM200/=. The SAS Alumni Society Diploma Cup and the cash prize will be donated by the TARC SAS Alumni Society which was established in 1982.

    Criteria of award:
    1. Candidate must attain at least a Merit in his/her Diploma award and presenting himself/herself for the first time for the Final Year Examination.
    2. Candidate must possess good conduct, integrity, leadership potential as well as active in co-curricular activities or community services.