• Programme structure for Diploma in Science (Microelectronics and Physics)    
    Diploma in Science (Microelectronics and Physics)
    Programme Overview

    This programme covers a wide range of topics in analogue and digital electronics, microcontrollers, programming, semiconductor devices, introduction to integrated circuit layout and physics. The programme trains students in fundamental of circuit analysis and design in electronics. It aims to develop students’ analytical and logical skills as well as good hands-on skills.

    Academic Progression to Overseas Universities

    Graduates may be admitted into Year 2 of:-
    • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Applied Physics (Instrumentation)
    • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Microelectronics (Embedded Technology)

    Minimum Entry Requirements

    Diploma in Science (Microelectronics and Physics)

    5 credits in the relevant subjects 5 Grade C in the relevant subjects 3 Grade B in the relevant subjects


    Compulsory subjects:
    (i) SPM Credit in Additional Mathematics/O Level Grade C in Mathematics-
    Additional/UEC Grade B in Advanced Mathematics (I or II)
    (ii) SPM Credit/O Level Grade C/UEC Grade B in Physics
    (iii) SPM Pass/O Level Grade E/UEC Grade C in English Language**

    # Students with 3-4 relevant credits in SPM/Grade C in 3-4 relevant subjects in O Level may be considered for the Diploma programmes offered at the Perak Branch Campus (PK), Johor Branch Campus (JH), Pahang Faculty Branch (PH) and Sabah Faculty Branch (SB).

    ** Grade C and above in AELE0364 English Language (1119 Level) conducted by TAR UC is accepted as having fulfilled the English Language requirement for applicants who fail English Language at SPM/O Level/UEC level.

    a) SPM holders must have at least a pass in Bahasa Malaysia and SPM holders from Year 2013 onwards must have at least a pass in Sejarah.
    b) The entry requirement must be taken from only ONE (1) examination sitting.
    c) Students without a credit in SPM Bahasa Malaysia are required to pass Bahasa Kebangsaan A before the award of Diploma.
    d) Equivalent qualifications other than the abo ve will be considered on a case-b y-case basis.
    e) Information is correct at the point of printing. Subject t o the Ministry of Education latest requirements.


    Updated: 1 December 2016 (subject to change)
    Career Prospects
    • Electronics Technicians
    • Embedded Systems Technicians
    • Service and Maintenance Personnel
    • Firmware Programmers