• Programme structure for Diploma in Science (Microelectronics and Physics)    
    Programme structure for Diploma in Science (Microelectronics and Physics)
    • Principles of Electric Circuits
    • Digital Logic Principles I
    • Digital Logic Principles II
    • Circuits and Signals
    • Analogue Electronics I
    • Analogue Electronics II
    • Microcontrollers
    • Introduction to Integrated Circuit Layout
    • Physical Science I
    • Physical Science II
    • Physical Science III
    • Electrical Principles
    • Introduction to Semiconductor Devices and Fabrication
    • Programming Concepts
    • Software Design and Programming Techniques
    • Engineering Mathematics I
    • Engineering Mathematics II
    • Engineering Mathematics III
    • Engineering Mathematics IV
    • Engineering Mathematics V
    • Engineering Mathematics VI
    • Basic Economic Principles
    • Entrepreneurial Studies
    • Language, Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum (MPU) and Co-curricular Courses:
      English Language, English for Communication, Bahasa Kebangsaan
      A, Pengajian Malaysia 2, Public Speaking, English for IELTS, Civic
      Consciousness and Volunteerism, Co-curricular