Facilities & Support

    Apart from the physical facilities and laboratories, there are other academic and non-academic supports and guidance to the students, in order to foster a robust learning experience. 

    College e-learning system
    Microsoft Software Developer Network Academy Alliances (MSDN AA)
    Student Advisory system
    Industrial Training placement
    College e-Learning (CeL) System

    Students are given convenient access to the College e-Learning (CeL) System for information related to their studies, via the College Website. The easy access information includes Student Handbook, Programme Handbook, Syllabus, Programme Structure, Timetable and information on Plagiarism/ Referencing System as well as lecturers, tutors and Academic Advisories’ contact.


    Microsoft Software Developer Network Academy Alliances (MSDN AA)

    As a member of MSDN AA and e-academy, SAS faculty and students are accessible to Microsoft’s ELMS to download leading-edge tools and to get first hand technology update.

    The Microsoft developer tools, servers and platforms included in this subscription are:
    Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Academic
    Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Microsoft Windows Vista Enterprise
    Microsoft Windows 2008
    MSDN Library, Software Development Kits and betas
    Microsoft Office Visio Professional 2007
    Microsoft Windows CE .NET 5.0
    SQL Server 2005


    Student Advisory System

    FASC provides Advisory Service to all students who needs counseling on programme related problems. Each registered FASC student is assigned to a Faculty Advisor. The students must meet their assigned Faculty Advisors for counseling during the advisor’s consultation hour. Students must meet the advisor at least twice an academic year (Semester 1 & Semester 2).

    For current FASC students, please click here to check for your Academic Advisor.

    Industrial Training placement

    The Career Services internship programme have successfully provided internship and job placement for our students with well known corporations. The students are able to gain work-and-learn experience that compliments their classroom curriculum. This opportunity will enable them to learn how to apply theory to practice, explore career options and gain knowledge of the working world.