External Advisors

External Examiners

Analytical Chemistry

Dr. Tiow-Gan Ong

Research Fellow

Institute of Chemistry Academia Sinica, Taiwan, REPUBLIC OF CHINA.

Bioscience with Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Jeremy Charles Simpson

Professor of Cell Biology &
Conway Fellow

School of Biology & Environmental Science, University College Dublin (UCD), IRELAND.

Microelectronics (Embedded Technology)

Prof. Dr. WuQiang Yang

Professor of Electronic Instrumentation

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Manchester, UK.

Applied Physics (Instrumentation)

Associate Prof. Dr. Scott Paulson

Associate Professor of
Physics and Astronomy

Department of Physics and Astronomy, James Madison University, U.S.A.

Food Science

Associate Prof.
Dr. Chye Fook Yee

Associate Professor / Programme Head (Food Science & Nutrition)

Faculty of Food Science & Nutrition, University Malaysia Sabah, MALAYSIA.

Sports and Exercise Science

Prof. Prithwi Raj Subramaniam

Professor and
Graduate Program Chair

Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education, Ithaca College, U.S.A.