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This programme prepares students to become professionally skilled personnels in the advertising line. It fosters advertising and media related practical know-how in addition to improving students’ communication and designing skills. It also builds a foundation for students to grasp vital management and strategising expertise to be able to excel in this highly competitive field.


Diploma in Mass Communication (Advertising)


Bachelor of Communication (Honours) in Advertising



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Chitra A/P Muthusamy
(Programme Leader)
Tel: 03-41450123 ext no: 498

This programme is designed to enhance the depth of knowledge, practical know-how and appreciation of broadcast communication and the industry. also, analytical research skills are developed to prepare students as professionals in the modern electronic media industry.






Diploma in Mass Communication (Broadcast Communication)


Bachelor of Communication (Honours) in Broadcasting


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Shubashni A/P Anamalai
(Programme Leader)
Tel: 03-41450123 ext no: 744

This programme is catered for students who have the talent and capability to develop a career in writing either as journalists, reporters, writers or information researchers in mass media organizations. It trains professionals media personnel to be knowledgeable in the multi-cultural, socio-economic and political character of the country; and who are also competent in the various modes of communication processes.


Diploma in Mass Communication (Journalism)


Bachelor of Communication (Honours) in Journalism



For more information please contact:


Yap Pao Sium
(Programme Leader)
Tel: 03-41450123 ext no:744


Media studies Students will critically analyse the forms of mass communication and be more discerning in their consumption of media content through print and electronic media. This will assist them to be responsible and knowledgeable produces of information in both the public and private sectors, locally and internationally.




Diploma in Mass Communication (Media Studies)


Bachelor of Communication (Honous) in Media Studies



For more information please contact:


Dr Yap Teng Teng
(Programme Leader)
Tel: 03-41450123 ext no:498



General progression route


Minimum Entry Requirement (Bachelor Degree)


Minimum Entry Requirement (Diploma)


This programme entails knowledge and practical skills in relationship-building, persuasive communication, image-making, advertising & promotions and events management.


Students will acquire practical know-how in formulating and managing media strategies, publicity campaigns, news-making events, public opinion persuasion, marketing and improving employee relations

Diploma in Mass Communication (Public Relations)


Bachelor of Public Relations (Honours)



For more information please contact:


Lim Siz Siz
(Programme Leader)
Tel: 03-41450123 ext no: 743