Programme fees


Programme Duration
Estimated Average Tuition Fees
Per Year (RM)
  • Science
1 12,500
  • Arts
1 12,500
  • Science
1.5 22,100
  • Arts
1.5 17,100

In addition to the above fees, students are required to pay the A Level Examination Fee (Cambridge International Examination) of approximately RM4,600.

  • Diploma
2 12,500
  • Diploma
2.5 10,900
  • Diploma
3 9,000
  • Bachelor Degree
3 13,200
  • Bachelor Degree
3.5 12,100
  • Bachelor Degree
4 11,400
(The Estimated Average Tuition Fees per year may vary by 10%)

Other Fees

Description Amount Remarks
First Payment
International Student Administrative Fee RM 1,500 Date of payment to be advised through letter of offer.
Payable each subsequent year by intake session.
EMGS and Immigration Charges RM 2,500 - 4,500 Charges for Student Pass, Visa, Personal Bond and any other processing fees and charges related to medical screening and medical insurance will be borne and paid by the international student.
Second Payment
Registration Fee RM 500 One-time payment
Orientation & Activity Fee RM 100
Caution Money RM 500
Laboratory/Workshop Fee RM 200 - 300 Applicable to relevant programmes by level of study.
Payable each subsequent year by intake session.
Facilities & Resource Fee RM 200
Special Administration Fee RM 200
Award Assesment Fee RM 60 - 100 Applicable to relevant programmes by level of study.
Payable in the final year of study.

EMGS - Education Malaysia Global Service

Other fees may be chargeable for special projects, learning materials, field trips and any external accreditation.

Payment Schedule for First Two Semesters/ First Year (depending on level of study)

1. First Payment
  • Payable upon acceptance of application
  • Covers International Student Administrative Fee & EMGS and Immigration Charges
2. Second Payment
  • Payable upon approval of VISA and Student Pass
  • Covers tuition fees and other fees for the first two semesters/ first year depending on level of study  


Areas of Discipline


Bachelor Degree

Faculty of Applied Sciences and Computing
Chemistry/Applied Physics, Life Science/Biology, Microelectronics, Food Science, Sports & Exercise Science, Management Mathematics, Computer Science/Information Technology/ Information Systems

28,300  -  29,800

45,100  -  46,300

Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business
  • Accounting
  • Commerce, Business, Corporate Administration, Economics, Finance

27,800  -  28,600

  • 56,200
  • 44,700  -  47,100
Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment
  • Engineering, Quantity Surveying
  • Estate Management
  • Construction Management & Economics

29,500  -  30,300

  • 47,200 - 55,100
  • 52,800
  • 48,200
Faculty of Social Science, Arts and Humanities
Counselling/Psychology, Creative Arts & Design, Hospitality Management, Mass Communication
28,500 - 28,800 45,300 - 46,900
Centre for Pre-University Studies
  • Foundation (1 year)
  • GCE A Level (1.5 years)
  • 15,300 - 15,500
  • 30,300 - 38,100

^ TAR UC Diploma will be accepted on credit transfer into relevant Bachelor Degree programmes.


  1. Generally, the full programme duration for Bachelor Degree programmes is 3 years except for Accounting (4 years), Engineering (4 years), Quantity Surveying (4 years) and Estate Management (3½ years). For Diploma programmes, full programme duration is 2 years except for Diploma in Technology (Property Management) and Diploma in Technology (Quantity Surveying) – 2.5 years (approximately MYR31,100)
  2. Other fees may be chargeable for special projects, learning materials, field trips and any external accreditation.



Partner Universities

Campbell University, USA

Coventry University, UK

University of Salford, UK

Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Dual Award Only
(Complete at TAR UC)
  • Special Administration Fee RM 200¹
  • Examination Fee RM 500¹
  • Registration & Aministration Fee and Award Assessment Fee- Total Fees - USD 2,134 per whole programme
  • Dual Award Administration Fee RM 200¹
  • Validation Fee £ 1,050 - £ 1,250 per whole programme

Not applicable

Dual Award with One (1) Semester Study Abroad

Not Applicable

  • Dual Award Administration Fee RM 200¹
  • Study Abroad Administration Fee RM 500
  • Validation Fee + Tution Fees + Accommodation £ 4,700 - £ 5,200
  • No TAR UC semester tution fees to be paid during study abroad semester

¹ Payable annually


Type of Fee

Professional Bodies




Registration Fee £ 79   £ 77 Not Applicable
Annual Subscription £ 85   £ 108 £ 50
Examination Fee Perpaper Perpaper Perpaper Perpaper
Knowledge £ 72 MAICSA PDCA RM 110 Operational & management level Case Study Examinations £ 126 Level 6 Diploma in Professional Marketing £ 170
Skills £ 97 ICSA IQS RM 220 Strategic Level Objective Test £ 126
professional £ 121   Strategic Level Case Study Examination £ 192
Exemption Fee Perpaper Perpaper Perpaper Not Applicable
  Knowledge £ 72 MAICSA PDCA RM 110 CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting £ 56
  Skills £ 97 ICSA IQS RM 220 Operational & Management level Objective Test £ 73
      Operational & Management level Case Study Examinations £ 120
Basic Entry Fee for Examination - RM 165 - -

ACCA, UK - Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK

MAICSA - Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators

CIMA, UK - Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, UK

CIM, UK - Chartered Institute of Marketing, UK


5.1 The University College shall not refund any amount of the following fees or charges paid by the international students:

5.1.1 Application fee
5.1.2 International Student Administrative fee and
5.1.3 Any other fees or charges not stated as refundable in this refund policy.

Notwithstanding Clause 5.2 below, all fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable after commencement date of the programme.

5.2 Refund of Fees for Newly Registered International Student Who Withdraws

5.2.1 If Notification of Withdrawal is Received Before the Commencement Date of the Programme
Refund of fifty percent (50%) of the following fees paid:

  • Tuition Fee
  • Special Administration Fee
  • Laboratory/Workshop Fee
  • Facilities & Resource Fee

Registration Fee and Orientation & Activity Fee are STRICTLY non-refundable.

5.2.2 If Notification of Withdrawal is Received After the Commencement Date of the Programme
There is STRICTLY no refund of all fees paid after the commencement date of the programme.

5.2.3 International Students Who Paid and Registered After the Commencement Date of the Programme
There is STRICTLY no refund of all fees paid upon withdrawal from the programme.

5.2.4 Save and except for Clause 5.2.1, Clause 5.3 and Clause 5.4; there shall be no refund of any other fees paid.

5.2.5 All notification of withdrawal must be made in writing.

5.3 Caution Money (less any liabilities) may only be refunded on application after the international student has completed or withdrawn from his/her last programme of study at the University College. The application for the refund shall be made within one year from the date of completion or withdrawal from the University College, failing which, the said caution money shall be transferred and donated to TARC Education Foundation for the student loan fund.

5.4 The University College shall refund the Personal Bond paid by the international student within a reasonable period of time after the expiry or cancellation date of the student pass of the international student provided that there is no violation of any rules and regulations issued by the Immigration authorities.

5.5 Any amount refunded as stated in this refund policy shall be either in Ringgit Malaysia or its equivalent amount in foreign currency based on the prevailing official exchange rate.