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Do you need a conducive study environment for your tertiary studies?

Johor Branch Campus has an 18-year record for providing a conducive study environment for tertiary studies. Established on 18 May 1998, the Johor Branch Campus is a 15-minute drive from Segamat (about 2.5-hour drive from Johor Bahru) and centred on an impressive 50-acre beautifully- landscaped space and surrounded by lush greenery.

Apart from the established and renowned programmes available such as Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting & Business Studies) and IT programmes such as Diploma in Information Systems Engineering and Diploma in Internet Technology, the Branch Campus has a Training Kitchen, Training Restaurant, Bakery Kitchen and Mock Hotel especially for Hospitality Management students to be exposed to industry standards and practices. Similarly, Entrepreneurship students will be able to develop their skillsets whilst gathering vital practical experience in the Aquaculture Worksop and Mushroom Cultivation House.

Johor Branch Campus believes that the students here should have a holistic exposure during their study life. Students are strongly encouraged to be engaged in sports with the provided facilities available at the Sports complex. The outdoor sports facilities range from an Olympic-sized swimming pool to basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts. The indoor activities that the students can take part in will include chess, table tennis, and various board games.

For students who would like to learn basic body building, the in-house gymnasium is opened for use for all students. The students who are musically inclined will look forward to using the newly-installed Music Room complete with drum set, guitars, keyboard and sound system and also a Dancing Studio.

The Sports Complex has a Function Hall, Meeting Room, and First Aid Room for the students’ usage. The use of such facilities will allow the students to learn and participate in their soft skills, team building and leadership skills when they are involved in clubs and societies in the Branch Campus such as Student Representative Council, Buddhist Society, Chinese Language Society, English Language Society, Christian Fellowship, Photography Society, Student Sports Committee and Tae Kwan-Do Club.

The Johor Branch Campus also pioneers short courses such as Mushroom Cultivation, Baking and Cake Artistry (Level 1, 2 & 3) and Aquaculture (Fish Farming). The Branch Campus has the unique TARCianpreneur programme which encourages students to fully operate a business at TAR University College Small Business Shop.

The students at the Johor Branch Campus are strongly encouraged to be actively engaged with the local community. The students have visited old-folks’ homes and orphanages in Segamat, Labis and Tangkak. Such visits have strengthened the students’ civic consciousness and volunteerism nature.

The great outdoors awaits our students at the Johor Branch Campus. A mere 45-drive from Segamat town will ensure our students great weekend getaways at the famous Gunung Ledang with its hiking trails and waterfalls. Further south there is the famous hot spring at Labis and Bekok Waterfalls. Such outdoor activities will guarantee that our students will not become merely book-worms.

Our students will not be denied of the modern comfort and lifestyle whereby they can have their dose of latest movies at the famous shopping mall at One Segamat and their favourite cuppa of coffee at the famous Nanyang Kopitiam; and of course not forgetting their favourite fast food from the three big and famous fast food restaurants readily available in Segamat town.

If You need the above mentioned conducive study environment for your tertiary studies, then Johor Branch Campus is your wise choice.

Johor Branch Campus provides a conducive learning environment (healthy environment) for students. It enables students to concentrate on their studies and to focus on achieving their goals. The atmosphere in the campus will provide them a golden opportunity for their further self-development.
The journey from the campus to town is 16Km(20min). The  1 Segamat Shopping complex is just around the bus station and KTM Segamat. We should never miss the well-known Segamat durians during the durian season and they can also visit the Bazaar, expo and free market.
For leisure, students can spend the weekend hiking, camping, and swimming at the famous Mount Ophir Recreation Centre (Gunung Ledang, Air Panas) which is only 45 minutes drive from the town and they can spend their tea time at the famous coffee shop (Nan Yang Coffee Shop).
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