TAR UC Students Radiate Spirit of Empathy

Mr Christopher Wong (rightmost) presenting the National Record to Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok (leftmost) as Ms Nurul Huda Mohamed Afandi (second from right) and Mr Ang (second from left) look on. 


Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok delivering his opening speech at the hair donation event.  


Ms Nurul Huda Mohamed Afandi addressing the audience.


Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok (standing fifth from left) and Ms Nurul Huda Mohamed Afandi (standing fourth from left) accompanied by Ms Kho Sok Kee (standing second from left), Vice President of TAR UC, Assoc Prof Say Sok Kwan (standing third from left), Vice President of TAR UC and Mr Ang Ting Hean (standing seventh from left) cut the hairs of 6 donors to officially launch the 1-day hair donation event.


TAR UC student getting her hair cut at the event to be donated to the campaign.


550 TAR UC students worked tirelessly for 8 months to not only raise funds but collect hair from donors for the Hair for Hope Campaign. The campaign which is a collaboration between TAR UC, Junior Chamber International (‘JCI’) Kuala Lumpur and Locks of Hope Association aimed to heighten public awareness concerning the plight and needs of cancer patients.

Throughout the campaign period, the students were actively involved in getting as many donors to donate their hair as well as raising funds for Locks of Hope Association to enable the association to process the donated hairs into wigs for cancer patients. The 8-month hair donation campaign culminated in a 1-day hair donation event on 1 August 2017 at TAR UC Main Hall featuring hair cutting sessions, informative exhibition and booths selling various items to raise more funds for the campaign. At the same event, the funds and hairs collected throughout the 8 months were presented to Locks of Hope Association. The event was made more significant with the announcement by Mr Christopher Wong, Chief Operating Officer of the Malaysia Book of Records, that the Hair for Hope Campaign was recognised as the record holder for the largest participation in a ‘ponytail’ donation campaign. The record was achieved based on the total number of donors who donated their hair numbering as many as 8,677 donors. 

Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, President of TAR UC, Ms Nurul Huda Mohamed Afandi, National President of JCI Malaysia and Mr Ang Ting Hean, Vice President of Locks of Hope Association attended the hair donation event. In his opening speech, Datuk Dr Tan commended the community in TAR UC for all their efforts put together for the campaign. “I am very pleased to note that besides Kuala Lumpur Main Campus, students and staff from our branch campuses in Penang, Perak, Johor and Sabah were also involved to support this campaign. As a result, the community in TAR UC alone successfully collected hairs from more than 2,500 donors. This goes to show that besides academic excellence, TAR UC also places great emphasis on equipping our students and also staff with high moral values which will lead all of us in TAR UC to work towards building a better tomorrow in our lifetime,” he said.

Meanwhile Ms Nurul Huda in her speech shared: “Based on our past successful campaigns with TAR UC, there is no doubt that TAR UC is the right institution for us to collaborate with for this meaningful campaign. I am very happy to witness that the effect of this campaign has been tremendous, resulting in a recognition from the Malaysia Book of Records. But more importantly, it is very heartening to know that with the combined efforts from JCI-KL, TAR UC and Locks of Hope, many more cancer patients will have their own wigs for free.”

At the same event, Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok presented a cheque amounting to RM10,845 to Mr Ang Ting Hean,  which was the total fund raised by TAR UC students from the start of the campaign until the hair donation event day. Mr Ang was very grateful to TAR UC students for their relentless efforts towards the campaign. “The efforts shown by the students definitely exceed my expectation as they not only raised funds for us, but the students put in effort to collect hairs for the campaign. This gives me hope that our younger generation are on the right track in embracing the spirit of care and compassion for those in need,” he remarked.