TAR UC Alumni Honour Former Teacher on His 90th Birthday

TAR UC School of Business Studies Ex-Students Association presenting Mr YS Chong with a tribute. 

Presentation of YS Chong’s portrait to Mr YS Chong (seated) by TAR UC’s Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business (‘FAFB’) staff and senior officials. 

(Seated from left): Ms Yong Lai Thye, Dato’ Dr Lim Khaik Leang, Mr YS Chong, Tan Sri Datuk Dr Ng Lay Swee and Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok with former students of Mr YS Chong.  

Mr YS Chong (front center) cutting his birthday cake with the help of Dato’ Kum Boo (left of Mr YS Chong) and Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Lau Ban Tin (Right of Mr YS Chong). 

Student representative from FAFB reading a poem dedicated to Mr YS Chong. 

It was a heart-warming day of celebration as the School of Business Studies (‘SBS’) alumni gathered from far and wide to celebrate Mr Chong Yean Seong’s (TAR UC Honorary Fellow) 90th birthday luncheon, organised by the Federation of TAR UC Alumni Association (‘FTAR UC AA’) on 2 July 2017.

Among those gathered to celebrate this joyous occasion were fellow Honorary Fellows, Dato’ Kum Boo and Tan Sri Datuk Dr Ng Lay Swee, Mr Adrian Yeo, President of the FTAR UC AA, Dato’ Yap Kuak Fong, President of TARCian Alumni Association, Dato’ Dr Lim Khaik Leang and Ms Yong Lai Thye, former TAR College Principals and Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, President of TAR UC.

Many of Mr Chong Yean Seong’s (fondly known as YS Chong) former students, were also present to share in the celebration, such as Tan Sri Dato’ Lau Yin Pin, Mr Teng Ngiek Lian, Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Lau Ban Tin and Mr Raja Ahmad.

An instrumental figure in the history of TAR UC during its early days leading up to its establishment, he was also appointed as the first Head of School of Business Studies. During his tenure, his foresight towards the importance of international professional qualifications propelled the then TAR College onto a path of success and further cemented TAR UC’s reputation in providing excellent professional business education in Malaysia.

“The journey in the setting up of TAR College and its early years were fraught with much challenges. But in the midst of all the tribulations came Mr YS Chong who appeared at the most opportune time when TAR College needed a kind soul to lend a helping hand. And more than lending a helping hand Mr YS Chong did for TAR College,” said Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok in his speech. 

“He is a man whose passion and foresight has helped shape not only TAR College but his legacy has continued to TAR UC. Most importantly, he has also touched the lives of many students he taught before”.

As revealed in their moving testimonials, some of his former students described Mr YS Chong as a caring, fatherly figure who has left a profound impact on their lives. Tan Sri Dato’ Lau Yin Pin remembered Mr YS Chong as a dedicated Head of SBS who was always encouraging and motivating them. Working fervently daily and even over the weekends, Mr YS Chong’s efforts to nurture his students had enabled them to realise their full potentials. Apart from focusing on academics, Mr YS Chong also cared deeply for his students and often went out of his way to reduce their financial burden by helping students who struggled financially find part-time jobs, as told by his former students Mr Teng Ngiek Lian and Tan Sri Dato’ Dr Lau Ban Tin.

Mr YS Chong’s optimistic views and “can do” attitude also rubbed off on his students in a good way. “Mr Chong once told me something incredible,” recalled Mr Teng Ngiek Lian. “He said “if you sit for one exam and you fail it, you have nothing. If you were to sit for 3 exams, if you fail one, you have two and if you fail two, you will have gotten one”. I took his advice and guess what, not only did I pass both the ACCA and ACIS, I even won First Place and Prize in the ACCA part two examination and a book prize in the ACIS examination!,” he added.

“Remove your mental blocks” was Mr YS Chong’s mantra to his students helping them to unclog their mind. He provided them with the much needed guidance, support and encouragement to drive them forward. With the proper care and nurturing, Mr YS Chong was able to transform previously below par students into the successful individuals they are today. Praised as a servant leader by Mr Raja Ahmad in his tribute, this portrayal perfectly describes the man Mr YS Chong is – someone who puts the needs of others first and helps them perform as highly as possible. Till this day, many of his ex-students still cherish and keep in touch with their former teacher and remain ever grateful.