TAR UC Student Emerges as ACCA High Achiever

The fine young lady, Irene Lee Wan Chien, who is an ACCA top scorer.


Irene Lee Wan Chien, a student of the Bachelor in Accounting (Hons) at TAR UC, has made the University College proud when she emerged as Top in Malaysia and 5th in the World for Paper P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance in the ACCA December 2017 examinations. This young lady certainly has steely determination that will inspire many having heard from her on the effort that she put into the preparation for the examination.

When asked what motivated her to achieve this award, she replied: “As cliché as it sounds, having an ultimate goal was my main motivation. Each time, when I passed by the University College corridors, the faces of the Malaysian Prize Winners of the ACCA examination on the bulletin board will appear before my eyes. Then I would tell myself that I am not here only to pass my ACCA examination, but to achieve something more, that is to be the next Malaysian Prize Winner. This goal eventually became my aspiration, which drove me to continue trying my best and to keep pushing until I achieved it.”

Irene had much to say about TAR UC and how it has helped her in achieving this award. “The subjects and syllabus offered by the University College are definitely comprehensive and it prepared me well for the ACCA examination. Furthermore, the lecturers and tutors here are dedicated and knowledgeable. They have very detailed methods of teaching which help me in my studies. In TAR UC, we are encouraged to practise in a group and this allows me to learn faster and more effectively.”

She shared that she has a certain study method that she follows religiously to prepare her for the ACCA examination. “I summarise the notes given by my lecturers in my own words so as to ensure that I fully understand the topics. Besides that, my revision consists of practising on past year questions and as for those areas that I have difficulty with, I will attempt them again before the examination,” she said.

This young lady has this piece of advice for those who wish to follow in her footsteps. “Never give up and stay motivated in order to pursue your success. That is the hardest part in obtaining the ACCA qualification. Failure is not the end.  Remember, it does not matter how slowly you go, you will get there as long as you do not stop,” she added.

Irene also let us in on what she sees herself in the near future. “I want to become a Chartered Accountant and work as a manager in one of the Big 4 accounting firms, leading others to manage important portfolios. At the same time, I will continue to improve my skills and knowledge as the learning process does not just end here. I believe TAR UC has prepared me well for the working world as during the course of my studies, I had the chance not only to improve on my communication skills but also my ability to work in a team, how to deal with pressure and stress, how to stay organised and to think out of the box.”




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