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How to Apply

  • Online Application:

Applications are to be submitted online by uploading the relevant documents

Relevant Documents:-


MyKad (Front and Back)


STPM/ A Level/ UEC/ equivalent results (if applicable)


MUET/ IELTS/ TOEFL results (if applicable)


SPM Ulangan results (if applicable)


SPM results (compulsory for all applicants with SPM results including UEC applicants with SPM)


O Level/equivalent results (if applicable)


Portfolio (compulsory for applicants applying for Graphic Design/Fashion Design/Multimedia Design/Creative Multimedia programmes)


Medical Report/letter (for applicants with Illness or Physical/Mental Disability except G6PD, colour blind & asthma)


A complete set of the following documents, duly certified by the Registrar or Dean/Academic Head of the Faculty/School for applicants with qualification from other Institution of Higher Learning  (e.g. Foundation, Certificate, Diploma).

  1. Certificate Awarded/completion letter/letter on your current student status
  2. Full Academic Transcript/latest academic transcript/all semester(s) examination results
  3. Programme Structure and Syllabi/Course Outline
  4. Certificate/Letter of Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) Accreditation of programme OR ‘Salinan Cetakan Akreditasi MQA’ from MQA website/Recognition of programme by authoritative body in the country concerned

Failure to submit the above will render the application to be processed for normal application and without any consideration for credit transfer (where applicable).

Application is only deemed as complete with submission of relevant documents and payment of processing fee (non-refundable).

All documents submitted will be treated with strict confidence. The documents will become part of the official files of the University College and cannot be released / returned to the student or another institution.

Applicants may check their application status by logging-in to the online application account. Applicants will be notified on the result of their application via Email. Short Message Service (SMS) will be sent to successful applicants.

To accept the offer of admission, successful applicants are required to pay fees by the due date stipulated in the 'Payment Details' advice.

Late registration is subject to approval and is at the absolute discretion of the University College. A late registration fee will be charged.

Method of payment:-

  • Online Payment via:
    • Public Bank Internet Banking
    • JomPAY via Internet or Mobile Banking Service
    • FPX
  • Cash payment at Public Bank Branches
  • Payment Counter, Bursary at Level 2, Bangunan Tun Tan Siew Sin, KL Main Campus or Administration Office of respective Branch through:
    • Cheque/Banker’s cheque payable to ‘KOLEJ UNIVERSITI TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN
    • Public Bank debit card and credit card

No student should enrol in more than one programme of study in the University College at any given time. Similarly, existing students with outstanding courses to resit/repeat will not be allowed to enrol for another programme. The onus is on the student to withdraw from his/her current programme of study should he/she decide to register for another programme in the University College. Any student found to be pursuing more than one programme of study in the University College at any time is liable to have his/her student status terminated in one of the programmes.