Hindustan College of Arts & Science (HCAS)

Collaboration Activities


5 April 2022

The Department of English Studies (DENS), Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (FSSH) organised an international webinar with Hindustan College of Arts and Science (HCAS). The webinar was open for English Studies and Foundation students of Tunku Abdul Rahman University College as well as HCAS students. The objective of the webinar is to provide students and lecturers an opportunity to listen to and interact with language experts from both the institutions who will be sharing their insights on their respective language and culture. All speakers are from different backgrounds and their input will be beneficial for all of them.


19 January 2022

The Memorandum of Understanding between TAR UC and Hindustan College of Arts & Science was signed on 19 January 2022. The purpose of this MOU is to get into the Academic Partner with TAR UC for the 1st International Conference on Social Science and Arts (Social Conf 2019).



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