Shandong University of Technology (SDUT) 山东理工大学

Collaboration Activities


9 July 2020

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by TAR UC and SDUT on 9 July 2020 to foster the partnerships and long term relationships between both institutions. TAR UC and SDUT were agreed to develop, promote and co-operate with one another in various activities such as sharing of academic knowledge and best practices; and staff and student engagements.


June and July 2020

TAR UC conducted Webinar session for students from SDUT on the following topics:

  1. Social perception and the reality of logistics and supply chain management on 18 June 2020.
  2. The influence of external environmental changes on company success on 18 June 2020.
  3. Current issue in Research Methods on 2 July 2020.
  4. The transition of Malaysia consumer behaviour before and during MCO due to Covid-19 on 2 July 2020.
  5. Ethical Decision Making for Finance and Investment Professionals on 9 July 2020.
  6. Productivity and Economic Growth in Malaysia: Industry 4.0 on 9 July 2020.
  7. Risk and Capital Structure Decisions on 16 July 2020.
  8. Bank Non-Interest Activities Toward Bank Risk and Bank Performance on 16 July 2020.



October 2019

TAR UC visited SDUT in October 2019 to promote international understanding, scholarly and collaboration, cultural interaction and friendship between the two universities.



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