Guangzhou Railway Polytechnic (GRP) 广州铁路职业技术学院

Collaboration Activities


22 July 2021

A collaboration webinar with GRP has been conducted on 22 July 2021 to promote the Diploma in Railway Locomotive Programme.



1 July 2020

A Webinar Sharing Session – Certification for Engineering Students was conducted on 1 July 2020 to introduce TAR UC’s Engineering Diploma and GRP Diploma in Railway Locomotive to TAR UC students.


20 June 2020

GRP was invited by TAR UC to join a webinar session with the title of “A Career in Railway Industry” on 20 June 2020.

The speaker, Dr Mark Ho, CEO of KDAS Limited, Hong Kong shared his thoughts and experiences in the rail industry during the webinar. According to him, railway professionals are in huge demand to go along with the rapid development of railway systems, however, there are very few specialised undergraduate programmes on railway engineering, operations and management. He also shared with us on the history of railway development, the highlights of the railway industry and the career opportunities in the railway industry especially in Malaysia, which is proactively building up its railway network and the relevant workforce capabilities.




From 13 October to 22 October 2019

A group of TAR UC students joined a study tour to GRP from 13 October to 22 October 2019.


13 June 2019

TAR UC formalised three strategic collaborations on 13 June 2019 with the aim to train TAR UC Engineering students with specialised skills and knowledge for the railway industry. In a signing ceremony, TAR UC signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Guangzhou Railway Polytechnic (GRP) and Guangdong Zhuoyue Qiancheng Education Services (BF), as well as a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with GRP and China Railway Dongfang Group (CREC) and another MoU with GRP and China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) Railway Vehicles Sdn Bhd. TAR UC’s MoA with GRP and BF will provide TAR UC students who are studying either the Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Diploma in Mechatronic Engineering or Diploma in Electronic Engineering the option to also pursue GRP’s Diploma in Railway Locomotive. In addition, the MoU with CRRC and CREC will provide internship and job placement opportunities for TAR UC students who have opted to undertake GRP’s Diploma in Railway Locomotive.




Between 19 January and 21 May 2018

A total of two outbound activities were conducted in 2018, as follows: -

  • From 19 January to 28 January 2018; and
  • From 13 May 2018 to 21 May 2018 (20 Diploma students).


7 August 2018

On 7 August 2018, TAR UC had co-organized the TAR UC Railway Technology Forum 2018 for the railway related industries and students at Auditorium. The theme for the forum was 'Talent Development for Malaysia Railways Industry'. Around 160 participants attended the forum including around 30 external organizations.

Mr. Teng Shiping from GRP was invited to give a talk in this forum with the title of “Introduction of EMU Maintenance Technology at Locomotive & Rolling Stock College”. He introduced the railway technologies taught in his polytechnic.


Between 22 July 2018 and 4 March 2018

A total of two inbound activities were conducted in 2018, as follows: -

  • From 22 July 2018 to 11 August 2018; and
  • From 4 March 2018 to 13 March 2018.


19 March 2018

TAR UC had organized a Talk on Prospect of Rail Industry in Malaysia by Wilson Fan to TAR UC and GRP students on 19 March 2018 at Lecture Hall 4 of TAR UC.


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