Shavinesh Sukesh

Cambridge A Level (4As), November 2008

Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

With so many clubs and societies available and also students from diverse backgrounds, studying at TAR UC has been truly a unique experience. The friendly approachable lecturers dedicated to pastoral care have made it easy for me to settle down into life at the college. The verdant campus and its great facilities have made TAR UC very conducive for studies. With everything said and done, I must thank all my lecturers for their support and guidance in helping me achieve my goals.

Tan Zhai Gen

4A*’s A Level (Oct/Nov 2011)

Molecular & Cellular Biochemistry, Oxford University, UK

The short one and a half year here in TARC gave me more than I have expected.I thank my highly experienced and friendly lecturers for teaching and guiding me in my course. I was taught comprehensively of the syllabus and more, such as the real life application of theories. The lecturers cared much for us and did what they can for us to attain the results that we want, answering any doubts and questions that we may have while advising us to work hard. Furthermore, with a conducive environment for inquiring and learning, and a well-equipped library, I had the tools and motivation to further understand concepts and of course, to satisfy my interest and curiosity through self-study. I was also given the opportunity and encouragement to express my talents, leading to the creation of the debate club in the college. I am grateful to have studied in TARC, grateful for the people I met. In addition, accepting an offer from Oxford University shows that the quality of the wholesome education here is a stepping stone to the top universities in the world; to places that you have dared to dream of.

Puah Boon Keat

Cambridge A Level (4A*s)

There are many reasons why I will always have fond memories of my A Level experience at TAR UC. Firstly, the lecturers are tireless in nurturing us and bearing with us. Their experience, knowledge as well as virtues are as solid as their sweats, white hairs and wrinkles. Not many people can impress me deeply but my beloved lecturers earned their place in my memory. The CPUS office is also very helpful and supportive. Being a TARCian is a splendid experience. We are very fortunate to have a campus with wide open spaces and greeneries as well as a fish pond right smack in the middle of H Block. Despite being very affordable, the facilities are top-notch. For example, the library never disappoint me. The labs are also never short of equipment. Thank God for making me choose TAR UC - one of the best choices that I’ve made in my life.

Ho Rui You

Cambridge A Level (2A*s, 2As)

Actuarial Science, London School of Economics and Political Science

Friendships were fostered, whereas teacher-student relationships were strengthened in this eighteen months of my life under the care of CPUS. Those eighteen months were not enough for me, and also for most of us who have studied here too. Where else could you find caring teachers who would teach and drill you with knowledge they have, hoping to see you score well in examinations? Where else could you find friends who don't place much priority on flashy "blings", but instead truly nurturing the essence of friendship through actions and words? TAR UC offers all these - a wholesome and breathtaking college-life experience - all for an affordable rate.

Teng Yu Heng

Foundation in Science, Year 2016, CGPA 3.98

Pursuing BSc. (Hons) Analytical Chemistry, TAR UC

TAR UC’s Foundation in Science is an academically rigorous programme with a very comprehensive syllabus. I have really learned a lot from the foundation programme. CPUS lecturers are simply awesome as their lessons are very clear and they never hesitate to assist us.

Han Li Shan

Foundation in Science, Year 2015, CGPA 3.86

Pursuing B.Eng. (Hons) Electrical and Electronics, TAR UC

Studying Foundation in Science at TAR UC has been a great experience. The campus has comprehensive facilities and there are many clubs and societies to choose from. The tuition fee is also affordable and TAR UC offers very generous merit scholarships. I am also grateful to have very patient and helpful lecturers at CPUS.

Ong Si Qing

Foundation in Science, Year 2016, CGPA 3.97

Pursuing B.Eng. (Hons) Mechanical, TAR UC

TAR UC’s Foundation in Science programme is really academically challenging and I feel that it has a higher standard than equivalent programmes elsewhere. I would not have been able to cope if not for the fantastic lecturers at CPUS who are very dedicated and helpful, and ever willing to guide and assist us.

Ha Qi Yi

Foundation in Arts, Year 2015, CGPA 3.56

Pursuing Bachelor of Business in Accounting
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia

After completing the Foundation in Arts programme, I decided to pursue my dream as an accountant in Australia. I am glad that TAR UC’s Foundation programme is recognized for admission into Australian universities. The Foundation programme has prepared me well for undergraduate studies by teaching me the importance of knowledge and also time management.

Kee Chia Chuin

Cambridge A Level (4A*)

I love CPUS a lot in many ways, be it the way the lecturers have taught us or the teaching and learning environment. Everything was just superb. I would recommend doing A Level in CPUS. The humorous lecturers never fail to make us feel less stressed. I was very fortunate to have the best environment to study A level and I enjoyed my time in CPUS!

Woo Bau Yi

STPM (4As)

Chemistry, National University of Singapore (NUS) on ASEAN scholarship

TAR UC is a place which allows me to gain an extensive learning experience from attending lectures, tutorials, practical classes to participation in sports, competition and other events. It provides students with a conducive study environment especially the well-equipped library where I had spent most of my time. Lecturers here are patient, generous and helpful enough to share their knowledge and clear my doubts. All in all I would say that TAR UC has really prepared me well for university.

Gan Guo Liang

Cambridge GCE A Level (4 A*s)

CPUS has given me an excellent education and the opportunity to excel in my studies. The strong foundation that I have received from the A Level programme will stand me in good stead when I embark on my tertiary studies. I want to thank my lecturers and my peers for putting in unstinting efforts in assisting me throughout the course of study. Definitely, TAR UC has provided me with an environment conducive to learning and I'm also grateful that the library has been a source of invaluable material which has guided me well in my studies. CPUS has given me and my fellow students a sterling education and hence it has consistently produced excellent results and we have been told time and again that excellent results will open the doors to quality education at renowned universities both locally and abroad. Thus TAR UC will always be a springboard to success for students.

Angeline Tan Hui Earn

STPM (4As, CGPA 4.00)

Civil Engineering + Economics (Double Degree),
Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore with ASEAN Scholarship

I was fortunate to have received good guidance from my very patient and understanding lecturers in CPUS whose expertise and experience were focused on getting their students to excel in examinations such as the STPM, in my case. The continuous monitoring by the school management had also kept students motivated and ready to take on the exams. All in all, I would say that, CPUS has provided me with a very enjoyable 18 months’ life journey. The journey itself has not only led me towards academic excellence, but it has also helped boost my self-confidence and I am ready for new challenges.

Aaron Kong Jit Meng

4A*’s A Level (Oct/Nov 2011)

Offered with Scholarships by:
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

TARC stands out as the primary choice for me to pursue my pre-university studies for its good reputation; quality and affordable education for all and it never disappoints me. With the sufficient facilities, experienced lecturers and conducive learning environment, I enjoyed learning from this packed, yet challenging course; lecturers are always available whenever I needed guidance on my studies. Switching from the local matriculation to Cambridge A level was the turning point of my life; my wisest decision ever. Studying GCE A Level in TARC prepares me well for tertiary education, not only academically but it also cultivates good virtues and attitude in me, providing me with a gateway to global education.

Alvin Kong Jit Sieng

4A*’s A Level (Oct/Nov 2011)

Offered with Scholarships by:
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong University of Science & Technologyy

TARC has always been students’ first choice to further their studies and I’m not an exception; I did my Cambridge A Level course at TARC. TARC not only provides quality education at a reasonable price, it also provides merit scholarships to academically outstanding students. It was a good experience during my one and a half year here at TARC; serene learning environment, ever-ready lecturers and staff to help and assist us whenever we have doubts in studies. The program conducted here is of world class standard and is constantly producing high achievers that will continue their tertiary education in some of the top universities in the world.Therefore, come experience the pre-university courses here, building a strong foundation to achieve greater heights not only in your tertiary education, but also in your life.


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