1. How does an employer advertise job vacancies in TAR-UC?
There are 2 ways that an employer can advertise their Job Vacancies - 
i) For full-time job & internship vacancies: Through online job portal called TiGrESS (For company registration to the portal please contact us)
ii) For internship vacancies: Email the job description to scdc@tarc.edu.my

2. Are there any Career Fairs in TAR-UC?
Yes, annually there are 3 to 4 career fairs in TAR UC. The career fair will be based on each faculty, we will have the career fairs usually in the month of March, October and November. For more information please go here.

3. Does TAR-UC provide Industrial/Internship Training for students ?
Yes, TAR-UC offers Industrial/Internship Training in collaboration & partnership with organizations/companies. Each faculty will have different Terms & Conditions. Please visit the sites of the specific faculty from https://www.tarc.edu.my/.

4. Could an employer conduct on-campus interviews and/or career talks in TAR-UC?
Yes, it is a matter of timing and we prefer technical talk or guest lecture. We advise employers to participate in TAR-UC annual Career Fairs. Please contact us for more information.