Grants & Financial Aids

MAICSA Study Grant

This Study Grant was introduced in the Academic Year 2005/06 to provide financial assistance to deserving students.

Upon the upgrading of the College to University College in 2013, the grant was extended to students from Bachelor of Corporate Administration (Honours). Each recipient of this Study Grant will receive a cash sponsorship of RM 10,000 for 2 years from MAICSA and a waiver of 100% TAR UC tuition fees for the final two years of study under the respective programmes.

Academic year 2017/18
  1. Chan Pei Wei
  2. Leow Ee Wen
  3. Wong Xaio Huei
  4. Diong Chew Yuen
  5. Rashwin Loke Yew Han
  6. Lim Phey Yee
Academic year 2016/17
  1. Chan Pei See
  2. Khor Lian Aun
  3. Lee Cal Vin
  4. Ng Kok Loong
  5. Ong Shu Yee
  6. Than Hai Loon
Academic year 2015/16
  1. Bernard Chua Yong Chan
  2. Chong Siew Ting
  3. Goh Ze Zhi
  4. Lee Yoon Sum
  5. Low Sin Hui
Academic year 2014/15
  1. Chong Siew Ting