Ms. Annie WF Wong

Director – Head of Corporate Services
Tricor Corporate Services Sdn Bhd

Graduated with Diploma in Commerce (Business Management) in 1989

I am indeed proud to see the multiplying growth of graduates that School of Business Studies (SBS) had contributed to the nation’s growth over 40 years of historic success.

Overall, I am amazed with the rate TAR College had matured and progressed since I graduated in 1989 from SBS. Achieving university status would be a significant progress that the nation and Tarcians would be proud to see.

My heartiest congratulations to SBS for its 40 years achievement to what it is today and I am glad to be associated with it. May TAR College and SBS continue to be the shining beacon of knowledge.

Ms. Samantha Tai Yit Chan

Managing Director
Boardroom Corporate Services (KL) Sdn. Bhd.

Graduated with Diploma in Commerce (Business Management) in 1992

I am indeed privileged to be given the chance to pursue my Diploma in Business Management and ICSA in TAR College. Not only did I gain an excellent foundation of knowledge but has also truly enjoyed my college life, meeting new friends and which has built my self-confidence well in advance before embarking my career as a Company Secretary. Happy 40th Anniversary TARC!

Mr. Loh Kean Wooi

Financial Controller
Dutch Lady Milk Industries Berhad

Graduated with Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Financial Accounting) in 1999

Congratulation to SBS for 40 years of excellence achievement! This is a great place for you to start the dream come true journey.

Ms. Chua Siew Chuan

Managing Director
Securities Services (Holdings) Sdn. Bhd.

Graduated with Diploma in Commerce (Business Management) in 1981

I wish to congratulate SBS on its remarkable achievements of producing and developing so many outstanding Chartered Secretaries for the country.

SBS has provided me with a solid foundation of knowledge and network to which I am still benefiting to this day. I graduated since 1981 from SBS after obtaining my professional qualification from the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators ("ICSA"), UK. I am currently the Managing Director of Securities Services (Holdings) Sdn. Bhd., a company with a global reach and network of reputable local offices and international affiliation providing Corporate Secretarial, Share Registration Accounting/Treasury and Payroll services. In year 1999, I was the winner of the inaugural "MAICSA Company Secretary Award".

Therefore, I am ever ready to engage SBS graduates in our company to assist in their career endeavour. I believe this will further foster lifelong intellectual and spiritual connections between SBS and its graduates.

I sincerely wish SBS and its dedicated teams further success for many years to come. Happy and splendid 40th Anniversary.

Ms. Teh Jing Shiuan

1st placing in Malaysia; 10th placing in worldwide ranking for Advanced Financial Management (Paper P4) and 3rd placing in the ACCA Malaysia Top Affiliates June 2011 Examination

Graduated with Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Financial Accounting) in 2010

Studying in TARC is not merely about gaining knowledge. It also helps in honing my soft skills e.g. interpersonal skills, presentation skills etc. All of these will come in handy in solving impediments in life. In addition, lecturers in TARC are experienced and dedicated. Their teaching methods have made the learning process much more enjoyable.

Ms. Teo Yen Lee

Senior Executive Officer, Business Banking Division
United Overseas (M) Bhd

Graduated with Advanced Diploma in Business Studies (Business Economics) in 2010

I feel gratitude for the effort and guidance from all dedicated and committed lecturers that had guided me well in my studies. Yet, it is not just about academic. The experience gained from attending extra-curricular activities equipped me with competitive edge as well as career advancement. I have made a right choice to be with TARC. I am proud to be a TARCIAN!

Ms. Leong Su Qi

Graduated with Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Management Accounting) in 2010

Winner of CIMA Perpetual Cup for Academic Year 2009/2010

Through the adoption of a practical, business-like approach in all given assignments, I was able to hone my problem solving, presentation and team-working skills. TARC has indeed prepared me well to embrace the working world.

Mr. Lim Wei Chih

Audit Associate
PwC Penang Sdn. Bhd.
Top Affiliate with 1st placing in Malaysia and 14th placing worldwide having achieved good performance across all Professional papers (P1 to P7) in June 2010 ACCA Examination.
Ranked 1st in Malaysia and 5th in the world for Paper P3 Business Analysis in December 2009 ACCA Examination
Graduated with Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Financial Accounting) in 2010

There are a lot of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities going on in TAR College and that has given me the experience of a fulfilling and holistic education

Mr. Shim Chee Loon

TARC Merit Scholarship holder, 2010

Advanced Diploma in Business Studies (Human Resource Management), Year 1

With the help and guidance from experienced lecturers, enabled me to excel in my studies. Students are also given sufficient knowledge related to the field both in theory and also practical. I am proud of being a student of TAR College.

Mr. Chang Fan Yong

TARC Merit Scholarship holder, 2010

Advanced Diploma in Business Studies (Logistics & Supply Chain Management), Year 1

Hard work and determination is obviously needed, but I wouldn’t have excelled in my studies without the guidance of TARC’s dedicated and friendly lecturers. TARC is also well-equipped with facilities like library and IT centers that helped me a lot in my studies.

Ms. Gan Ee Yiing

Graduated with Advanced Diploma in Business Studies (Finance & Investment) in 2009
First Class Honours Graduate, BA (Hons) Finance & Investment,
Sheffield Hallam University, UK, 2009

TARC provides a good environment for studying. It strives to provide a holistic education to us and prepared us well to step into the challenging working world. The lecturers here are experienced, dedicated and friendly. They always help and support us in our studies. Besides, TARC is also well-equipped with all the facilities.

Ms. Chew Sze Wan

Graduated with Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Financial Accounting) in 2009
Ranked 1st in Malaysia & 6th in the world for Paper P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

I always keep these words:
"Study Consistently and with an Objective,
Try your Best,
Prepare for the Worst,
and there'll be no regrets!"

Ms. Yeoh Zi Cheng

Diploma in Business Studies (Business Administration), 2007
Graduated with Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Business Management) in 2009
First Class Honours Graduate, Liverpool John Moores University, 2009
Prize Winner for Corporate Secretaryship paper in ICSA June 2009 Examination
MAICSA Perpetual Cup Winner 2008/2009

TARC lecturers always provide sufficient study materials, knowledgeable and very willing to spend their time with us in solving any academic problems. My achievements will not realize without the support and guidance from all the dedicated lecturers.

Ms. Lena Lim Pek Ching

Assistant Manager
OCBC Bank (M'sia) Berhad
Trade Finance Operations

Advanced Diploma in Business Studies (International Business), 2008

This programme had provided me the concepts of international trade and business which allow me to further develop my career in dealing with international environment.

Ms. Ling Li Sian

First Class Honours Graduate, Sheffield Hallam University, UK

Advanced Diploma in Business Studies (Banking & Finance), 2008

TAR College has offered me a great place to complete my studies. Not only have I acquired the necessary skills and knowledge but this programme has also provided me with good career prospects that will enhance my future.

Ms. Woo Vi Dea

Associate Consultant
Corporate Secretarial Practice, PwC Taxation Services Sdn. Bhd.
Prize Winner for the ICSA June 2008 Examination

Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Business Management), 2007

I am grateful to TAR College and all dedicated lecturers for their efforts in providing quality education as well as the never ending guidance to nurture us (TARCIANS) into what we are today.

Ms. Nicole Ho Siew Wai

Senior Executive of Securities Services
Bank Negara Malaysia

Advanced Diploma in Business Studies (Business Economics), 2007
BA (Hons) Commerce, Liverpool John Moores University, UK, 2007

I have made the right choice to be with TARC that has contributed to my success to-date.

Ms. Alice Hey Chin Siew

Associate Segment Manager
Kimberly Clark Trading Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Advanced Diploma in Business Studies (Marketing), 2006
First Class Honours Graduate, BA (Hons) Business with Marketing,
Sheffield Hallam University, UK, 2006

I graduated from TARC four years ago in the marketing programme and left for Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), UK, to pursue the summer degree programme. I graduated from TARC with distinction and from SHU with first class in marketing. I am very proud to say that I am a TARCIAN! The lecturers in TARC are very experienced, and the knowledge and skills that I gained during my college days prepared me for my future career in sales and marketing. My present achievements are greatly attributed to their guidance and support.

Mr. Jonathan Jee Tong Thai

Executive, Internal Audit
LPI Capital Bhd, Lonpac Insurance Bhd

Advanced Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting), 2005

Choosing to study at TAR College is my best decision. The College offers affordable fees with professional teaching standard, well-equipped infrastructure and the good study environment enable me to learn knowledge, skills and experience for my work and future. I have made a lot of friends there and we are still keeping in touch from time to time. Overall, I still enjoy the unforgettable memory during the college days.

Mr. Tan Leng Aun, Andrew

Finance & Administration Manager
Atotech (M) Sdn. Bhd., a German multinational company

Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Management Accounting), 2000

I always knew that I have made the right choice of enrolling for the Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Management Accounting) cum CIMA programme at TAR College. The curriculum has developed me personally and professionally and I was able to fit into the employment market easily upon graduation.

Currently, I am the Finance & Administration Manager of Atotech (M) Sdn. Bhd., a German multinational company. I am proud of what I have achieved to date but I also believe that there is much more to pursue in my career. What will never change is the fact that my first step to my dream began at TAR College.

Ms. Tan Siok Inn

Assistant Professor,
Heriot Watt University Malaysia

Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Business Management) cum ICSA, 2001
TARC-MAICSA Scholarship, 1999
The Institute Prize for the best paper in Malaysian Business Law, 1999

The learning experience that I have obtained in TAR College has laid a strong foundation for my career. The Advanced Diploma in Commerce (Business Management) cum ICSA has equipped me with the necessary knowledge with its broad coverage. I would like to thank my dedicated and committed lecturers who have guided me well during my studies in TAR College.

Mr. Ivan Goh

KPMG Tax Services Sdn. Bhd.

Diploma in Commerce (Business Management), 1997

DBM/ICSA with its broad coverage has equipped me with the necessary knowledge which allows me to excel in my chosen field. Whilst qualification provides a person with a basic platform to enter into the business world, it is important to realize that how high a person can climb in an organization is very much dependent on the attitude of the person. I hold strongly to the saying of “Attitude will determine your altitude

Mr. Alex Ong

Financial Controller
Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur

Diploma in Commerce (Management Accounting), 1995

TAR College has a unique study culture. Each and everyone in the College are passionate about students' learning and this had helped me to succeed in my studies. More importantly, my learning experience in TAR College had strongly laid the foundation to my fortunate success in my career.

Mr. Tan Thiam Chai

Chief Financial Officer
Berjaya Corporation Bhd

Diploma in Commerce (Financial Accounting), 1981

I am grateful to TAR College for being a reputable institution of higher learning that caters for the big pool of “average” students (I was one of them) during my time. I still recalled those dedicated and committed lecturers who had taught and guided me during my three years of studies in TAR College. Their wise counsel of good time management as well as setting and focusing on the right priorities had helped me to prepare well for my examinations. Thus I can only say that those foundational principles that I am still practicing till today had also helped me in my career progression in the corporate world.

Ms. Si Jin Wen

Management Trainee Officer
UOB Bank

Graduated with Bachelor of Banking and Finance (Honours) in 2018

In TAR UMT, the lecturers and tutors are very experienced and professional which can help the students to acquire a deep understanding of the subjects that they studied. Other than that, the lecturers are also very friendly and helpful as they are ever willing to take their own time to teach the students.

Furthermore, TAR UMT provides students with a conducive study environment by renovating and upgrading the facilities for the past few years.

In TAR UMT, there are a lot of societies and activities that students could participate during their course of study there, providing students with opportunities for self-development and social networking.

The demanding course structure and challenging curricula delivered at TAR UMT, together with the demanding pace of assessment and other courseworks, require students to stay focused in their studies and develop excellent time management skills and skills to work effectively in teams in order to do well. Overall, TAR UMT, with its affordable fees and offers of scholarships to deserving students, should be an excellent choice for pursuing your higher studies.

Mr. Chin Jo Han

Associate, Transaction Tax
Ernst & Young

Graduated with Bachelor of Corporate Administration (Honours) in 2016

“Looking back at my life in TAR UMT, it was magical as it sculpted and changed me to who I am today. The course structure offered was comprehensive and practical that equipped me for the working world; the depth of knowledge and coverage of syllabus had elevated my personal well-being, the commitment of the teaching staff and the facilities of the campus had helped steered me towards working harder and encouraged me to strive for the better. I am proud to be a TARUCian.

I look forward to future developments and contributions that TAR UMT is able to bring towards the society in light of the revamp of the education system and policy. May the spirit of continuous improvement be upheld and I wish TAR UMT the very best in providing quality education to our next generation.”

Thank you.

Ms. Lim Jing Ni


Graduated with Bachelor of Finance and Investment (Honours) in 2018

I am delighted to have the opportunity to share my exciting and dynamic experience on studying in Tunku Abdul Rahman University of Management and Technology (TAR UMT) to all my beloved juniors.

The best things about being a student in TAR UMT is having the qualified and caring instructors, freedom to do researches, able to spend leisure time and exercise within this huge university compound, such that I have never felt bored when studying there. Besides, I am so proud and feel thankful to my lecturers and tutors who always assisted and provided me with endless support in helping me to complete my 4 years of Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree life smoothly. It was by no means easy for me to maintain my full scholarship throughout my Bachelor’s Degree life. There were many times that I have encountered obstacles, but with the lecturers and tutors’ encouragement and motivation, I have successfully passed all my examinations with flying colours to graduate on the President’s List. All the struggles have made the results become sweeter, and made my University life more interesting.

Apart from providing an ideal learning environment, conducting helpful seminars and providing knowledgeable guidance from lecturers and tutors, our University also offers a wide range of sports facilities for students to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Amenities such as gymnasium, badminton courts, swimming pool and other varieties of exercise forums are all well equipped for students to release their stress and tension from studying. For this reasons, I would heartily recommend TAR UMT to other students to enjoy and exploit such fantastic amenities and academic surroundings, to throw oneself at every opportunity provided by the UC to develop oneself.

I hope my sharing is able to inspire our beloved students, no one should feel inferior or superior and we are all equal, one must not give oneself the excuse to give up, always give the best shots in your live! I wish all the students every success in your future endeavours.

Ms. Lim Jing Min


Graduated with Bachelor of Finance and Investment (Honours) in 2018

I felt that I was lucky to study at TAR UMT as a full scholarship holder. I like the friendly campus environment here, all the infrastructures and facilities are well equipped. TAR UMT also provides free gynasium facilities for students to workout so that we can get active and stay healthy. The lecturers and tutors are knowledgeable and caring and they are always ready to help the students in their study. It was a great pleasure for me to spend my 4 years’ study at TAR UMT.

Mr. Jason Tan Wei Zong

Business Development Director of iRewards Berhad and
Executive Vice President of JCI Kuala Lumpur

Graduated with Advanced Diploma in Business Economics in 2009

Achieving success through sheer determination, perseverance and hard work, I had faced my share of hardships and failures during my college days where I failed a number of subjects due to negligence to study. However, I never gave up! I setbacks motivated to work harder and eventually earned myelf a Master’s Degree in International Marketing from Sheffield Hallam University.

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment TAR UMT and all the lecturers who helped mould me into becoming who I am today. In my point of view, education is the foundation to start one’s entrepreneurship journey. The strong foundation of education has helped me to develop my ability in planning and analysis, and make my business run more efficiently.


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