Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Sustainability (CEIS)

FAFB aims to provide and conduct consultancy services and research & development (R&D) by producing high quality and impactful solutions in the area of entrepreneurship, innovation, and sustainability; and establish collaborative partnership with businesses, industries, academics, education service providers, non-profit organisations, government and non-government organisations. In addition, the Centre will also provide relevant training, workshop, and seminar pertaining to consultancy and research & development (R&D) to our staff, students and other stakeholders in order to cultivate a strong consultancy and research & development (R&D) culture in the Faculty.

Location: FAFB, Block SA, TAR UMT East campus

i. Objectives
  • To build an ecosystem around the dynamic and evolving business environment in promoting, sharing, and developing the consultancy distinctiveness and research culture to all stakeholders, and communities on business entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.
  • To provide and conduct consultancy services, training, seminar, workshop and research relating to issues of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability to businesses, industries, government agencies community and any other stakeholders.
  • To form, develop and collaborate with public and/or private sectors/institutions/industries nationally and/or internationally on consultancy services, business transformation as well as producing research outputs in the area of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.
  • To invite prominent speaker and subject experts/practitioners from academics and industry (nationally and internationally) to share their experience; and to facilitate relevant talk/seminar/symposium/workshop/colloquium primarily on entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability.
  • It also endeavors to develop several areas of excellence which will bring distinctiveness to the work of the faculty, the programmes the faculty offers and the wider community.
ii. Vision Statement

The Centre strives to become a premier consultancy service provider and research centre in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability, by collaborating with various sectors as well as world leading research centres in producing distinctive, substantial improvements and sustainable advantage to all stakeholders.

iii. Rationale and Research Plan

The Centre aims to

  • Identify and conduct consultancy and research under the Faculty relating to entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability,
  • Facilitate and support consultancy and research activities undertaken by the Faculty via trainings, seminars, workshops, conference, symposiums and any other supports; and
  • Provides consultancy and research to external parties as well as establish excellent climate of research collaborations with private sectors, government agencies, higher education institutions and any other stakeholders as to elevate the quality of the Faculty’s outputs.

The Centre will collaborate with other research centers within and outside the University to conduct research on issues related to entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability. Also, the Centre will offer comprehensive consultancy services with regard to how to create the best practices in entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainability to all the stakeholders.

iv. Research Centre Members and Term of Reference

Research Center Members

  • Leader – Prof. Dr Chew Kok Wai
  • Secretary – (Assistant Registrar, FAFB)
  • Members – Mr. Johan Lim Kii Geat, Prof. Dr. Yeo Chu May Amy, Ts. Dr. Elishia Loo Po-Lynn, Ts Dr. Tan Houng Chien, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kwek Choon Ling, Mr. Yeoh Cheng Hock, Dr. James Teo Kok Peng, Dr. Lai Mun Keong,  , Dr. Wong Hin 'd' Thang, Dr Lim Woei Yu, Dr. Lee Sook Ling, Mr. Fong Soon Weng, Dr. Tay Lee Chin, Mr. Look Chun Tat, Ms Jacy Rani a/p Paloosamy and any interested relevant academic staff who may be appointed from time to time.

Terms of Reference

  • Promote consultancy and research culture amongst staff and identify priority areas for consultancy and research under the Faculty.
  • Encourage staff to establish collaboration with staff of institutions, government agencies, professional bodies and organisations in the area of research and development.
  • Provide consultancy and training services to government, non-government, profit and not-for-profit organisations.
  • Assist staff in negotiation of terms of research with third parties as well as sourcing for funds for such activities.
  • Administer and monitor progress of consultancy, and research & development (R&D) activities at the Faculty/Department and forward reports to the RDMC as directed/requested by RDMC or according to the pre-determined schedule of each project.
  • Monitor the claims of researchers and recommend to the RDMC for disbursements.
v. Operation and Activities

The main focus of the Centre is to produce high quality consultancy as well as research output. Hence, members of Centre will actively participate in group research, development and consultancy depending on their areas of specialisation. To improve lecturers’ research skill and to elevate staff strength, Centre will organise training, seminars, and workshops in the area of entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability and research from time to time.

Besides, the Centre will provide consultancy services to industries, government agencies and community.

vi. Funding, Facilities and Equipment

The Centre will use the existing facilities and available funds including licensed software provided by main campus.

vii. Publications on Environmental Sustainability

Dr Kwek

Kwek, C. L., Yeow, K. S., Zhang, L., Keoy, K. H., & Japos, G. (2022). The Determinants of Fake News Adaptation during COVID-19 Pandemic: A Social Psychology Approach. Recoletos Multidisciplinary Research Journal, 10(2).

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