Centre for Digital Business (CDB)

Digital business transformation will be the ultimate challenge in change management. It has tremendous impact on the industry structure and strategic positioning. In view of this, FAFB aims to provide insight and strategies that focus on digital transformation and innovation in the continuously changing market dynamics. The Centre will be providing market opportunity solutions to navigate the digital transformation, business model innovation, customer insights and competitive strategy; and establish collaborative partnership with industries, businesses, academics, researchers, government and non-government organisations. In addition, the Centre will also provide training, workshop and consultancy services to our staff, students, and other stakeholders in order to cultivate a strong consultancy and research culture in the Faculty.

 Location: FAFB, Block SA, TAR UMT East campus


i.  Objectives

  • To research into how digital technologies enable creation, co-creation and exchange content for social, culture or business purposes.
  • To provide training and consultancy services to businesses, industries, government agencies and any other stakeholders.
  • To develop new forms of businesses and services by collaborating with public and / or private sectors/ institutions/ industries nationally and/or internationally.
  • To develop an in-depth analysis and research in the areas of digital business transformation in order to provide companies with the appropriate business strategies and solution.
  • To invite prominent speaker and subject experts/ practitioners form academics and industry (nationally and internationally) to share their experience; and facilitate relevant talk/ seminar/ symposium/workshop/ colloquium primarily on digital business.
  • To promote, share and develop a research culture to all stakeholder, and communities on digital business.

ii.  Vision Statement

The Centre strives to become the leading research consortium that provides distinguished leadership, exceptional research, technological innovation, professional advice, consultancy and training in the areas of digital business. It can be achieved by collaborating with world leading research and development centre that consist of experts with different research clusters and expertise to produce top tier research.

iii.  Rationale and Research Plan

The Centre aims to:

  • Support for high quality research with strong professional and application focused.
  • Provide research ecosystem and support to academic staff in pursuance of scholarly and research activities.
  • Assist and support FAFB in the smooth running of the Centre.
  • Enable interaction between faculty, scholars, students and industry to enhance research opportunities, academic excellence, real world problems, knowledge creation and dissemination.

The Centre will collaborate with other research centres within inside and outside the University to conduct research on issues related to digital business. Also, the Centre will offer comprehensive consultancy services with regards to the development of digital business transformation and analyze the best practices from different markets locally and globally.

iv.  Research Centre Members and Terms of Reference

     Research Centre Members

  • Leader – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Phuah Kit Teng
  • Secretary – (Assistant Registrar, FAFB)
  • Members – Prof. Dr. Yeo Chu May Amy, Dr Chow Poh Ling, Dr. Khor Siak Kim, Dr. Kanesh A/L Gopal Rajadurai, Dr. Khoong Tai Wai, Dr. Ow Mun Waei, Dr Lim Chia Yien, Ms. Kashietaa A/P Samba Sirvang, Ms. Ooi Mee Leing and any interested relevant academic staff who may be appointed from time to time.

    Terms of Reference

  • Promote consultancy and research culture amongst staff and identify priority areas for consultancy and research under the Faculty.
  • Encourage staff to establish collaboration with staff of other institutions, government agencies, professional bodies and organisations in the area of research and development pertaining to digital business transformation.
  • Provide consultancy and training services to government, non-government, profit and not-for-profit organisations.
  • Assists staff in negotiation on the terms of research with third parties as well as sourcing for funds for such activities.
  • Administer and monitor progress of consultancy, and research and development (R&D) activities at the Faculty/ Department and forwards reports to the RDMC as directed/ requested by RDMC or according to the predetermined schedule of each project.
  • Monitor the claims of researchers and recommend to the RDMC for disbursement.

v.  Operation and Activities

The main focus of the centre is to produce high quality training and consultancy as well as research, training and consultancy depending on their areas of specialization. To improve lecturers’ research skill and to elevate staff strength, Centre will organize training, seminar, and workshops on the area of digital business from time to time.

vi. Funding, Facilities and Equipment

The Centre will use the existing facilities and available funds including licensed software provided by main campus. 

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