Ronald Tan

Ronald Tan

Let me share my journey to where I am today.

I’m currently the Assistant Visual Merchandising Manager for Robinsons Malaysia, managing stores at both The Gardens Mall and Shoppes at Four Seasons Place.

My life began as a student in TAR UMT venturing in a Certificate in Graphic Design. The reason I say venturing is because I didn’t know what I really wanted to do in life.

With guidance from my lecturers in TAR UMT, I had a better idea on what to focus on which led me to undertake a Diploma in Multimedia Design.

Multimedia Design expanded my mind in all aspects of designing through the various media. I began to appreciate what I was learning and was determined to strive for excellence in what I do best - to be creative in everything such that creativity has become my lifestyle.

I went on to do advanced diploma and then degree. I completed my course in Liverpool John Moores University in the UK and it was an experience that blew me away. Even though I had only spent 3 months there, I learnt so much about the lifestyle and culture.

In (state what year), I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours and awarded Most Improved Student in the whole program.

Despite the challenges faced in the life of a student, my lecturers in TAR UMT helped me overcome and manoeuver through those tough times. This will never be forgotten as it has been stepping stones to bring me where I am today.

My work experience started out as a designer in an advertising company to being the visual merchandiser of the most renowned brand in the world - H&M.

As a designer, I met clients to discuss about designs and that gave me confidence to switch to fashion. I was then the visual merchandiser for Valentino Rudy and Seville Row by Bonia group for approximately one year before moving on to the international brand H&M.

I took on several roles as a window stylist, window visual merchandiser, indoor visual merchandiser and also area visual merchandiser for materials. It has given me great experience and training throughout the years I have been with H&M.

Today I am in the fashion and retail industry not because of the course I studied, but because it laid the foundation for design which has allowed me to expand my understanding and skills set.

I have chosen to focus my passion in fashion because there is no limit in creativity. Trust your heart and know your passion so you’ll never ever have to work for the rest of your life because you’ll be doing what you love.

This is Ronald Tan or you may call me Ron-T. I’m a fashionista and a fitness enthusiast who is proud to tell you that I am from TAR UMT.

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