Paper Submission


The organizing committee of ACPES 2018 invites paper submission for publication in a SCOPUS Indexed journal.



Full Paper Submission: 15 Feb 2018 

Authors Notification: 15 March 2018 

Camera Ready: 15 March 2018 

Registration deadline: 20 April 2018


Page set-up: A4 format; margins: top, bottom, left, right=2.5 cm


The author must be a registered participant to enable the paper to be published.

All submission should be in the English Language and submitted in MS Word or compatible formats.

Please use a file name in the following format:

"SubTheme Number - Presenter Surname - Presenter First Name.doc" e.g.,  "Track1-Chan-SM.doc", "Track2-Richardson-Peter.doc", "Track3-Lim-TH.docx"


A reviewed manuscript will be subject to one of four possible outcomes regarding publication in the SCOPUS Indexed journal.

1. Initial rejection of the manuscript by the editing committee without further review (due to severe deficiencies in writing/content, theme)

2. Acceptance without modifications

3. Acceptance with minor modifications

4. Acceptance only after major modifications


The decision will be communicated to the respective author(s) in a strictly anonymous form. During the peer-review process, the reviewers will evaluate elements from the Evaluation Protocol provided by the ACPES 2018 Editorial Committee.


The Full papers (limited to maximum 8 pages, single column) should be submitted to: Please follow the template provided.


The Editorial Committee would base on peer reviewing processes and the Committee’s decision to invite author of the selected abstract to submit a Full Paper for publication in the SCOPUS Indexed journal.


Disclaimer: The ACPES 2018 Editorial Committee reserves the right to make selective invitations for authors to submit Full Paper to ACPES 2018. No appeal will be entertained.

 Manuscript Originality: We do not accept any submission of papers that have been published in full in a conference proceeding or journal. All article submitted must be accompanied with plagiarism report using any application programme such as Turnitin or any other software. We do not accept any article whose similarity index exceeds 20%.

 Author policy: We permit up to a maximum of 3 articles by the same author in one publication/issue provided the author sequence differs in each article.



All papers must be emailed to:

The Conference Editorial Committee
3rd FIEP Asia Conference on Physical Education and Sport (ACPES 2018)
Tunku Abdul Rahman University College
Jalan Genting Kelang
Setapak 53300 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-4145 0123 ext. 3196/3725

Fax: +603-4142 3166





Title of the Paper (13pt Times New Roman, Bold, Left)

AUTHORS' NAMES (Capital, 10pt Times New Roman, centered)

Department (10pt Times New Roman, Left), University (10pt Times New Roman, Left)

COUNTRY (Capital, 10pt Times New Roman, Left) (10pt Times New Roman, centered)



Abstract should be one paragraph, 200-300 words maximum words in Times New Roman 10 point.It should include: Purpose/Objective of study, Methods (Participants, Instrumentation, Procedure), Main results and Conclusion. Abstract should not contain abbreviations and/or references.


Key Words (4-6, font size=10, bold): Stated clearly in italic at the bottom of the abstract. Leave one blank line after the Abstract.


Main Text:

The main text should be structured in the following manner: Introduction, Materials and Methods (Participants/ Instrumentation/ Procedure/Test protocol/Skill test trial/ Data Collection/Statistical Analyses), Results (Descriptive/Inferential), Discussion and Conclusion. 



Introduction should be comprehensible to the general reader. Give a clear statement of the purpose of the paper and provide relevant context to support the basis for the paper and the significance of the work. Review of the literature should be limited to main/important points.


Material & methods

The section should include Participants, Instrumentation, Data Collection, Statistical Analyses, Procedure, Test protocol, Skill test trial), Data collection and analysis/ Statistical analyses.



Results should be presented precisely and should not contain material that is suitable for discussion. All measurements and formulas should be given in metric units.

Figures and Tables should be numbered as follows: Fig.1, Fig.2, … etc Table 1, Table 2, ….etc.



This section should explain the results found and support them with previous research findings.



This section should provide a summary of the findings, delimitation and future research direction.


References:  (APA Style, 6th edition)

Author, Title of the Paper (year), Journal of Physical Education and Sport, 11(1), pp. 70-74

Author, (year), Title of the Book, Publishing House,



Alberti, K. G., Zimmet, P., & Shaw, J. (2006). Metabolic syndrome--a new world-wide definition. A Consensus Statement from the International Diabetes Federation. Diabet Med, 23(5), 469-480.

Buemann, B., & Tremblay, A. (1996). Effects of exercise training on abdominal obesity and related metabolic complications. Sports Med, 21(3), 191-212




Thank you for your cooperation and contribution.