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Collaborations with Science, Technology and Engineering related companies:


Chemistry and Biology (CB) Division of the School of Arts and Science, KTAR will be collaborating with IKM and agrees to pool efforts together to assist in the continuing education and professional development of lKM members; to assist in developing the content of chemistry and chemistry-related courses and programmes of KTAR, to promote the development of chemistry profession among its academic staff and students; to collaborate on research and innovation in chemistry and chemistry-related areas; to undertake joint programmes in promoting the advancement of chemistry in Malaysia; and as well as in any other areas of co-operation as agreed to by both parties from time to time. 

So far, IKM and CB Division have now joined hand in training professional Chemistry related personnel. The following workshops have so far been agreed and have been conducted/ to be conducted in TARC: 2-day Hands-on "Training Workshop on Spectroscopic Methods of Analysis in AAS and UV-Vis Spectroscopies" at Tunku Abdul Rahman College on Saturday & Sunday, 19-20 May 2012. 
IKM PART 1 LMIC EXAM Preparatory Course 2012, July – Nov 2012. 

Both IKM and TARC agree to continue discussions and communication on the above areas and work together to benefit both parties.

TAR College signs MoU with National Instruments, gaining RM 1.8 Million Software Sponsorship 

Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TAR College) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with National Instruments(NI), garnering RM 1, 800, 000.00 worth of sponsorship in NI's Labview software. The MoU signing ceremony took place in the TAR College KL Main Campus on 15 April, 2011. 

YB Dato' Dr Hou Kok Chung, who witnessed the signing ceremony said, "The partnership with TAR College, a known-established public Higher Education Institution and NI, a world leader in virtual instrumentation software and automated test equipment, will help to bridge the gap between classroom learning and practical relevant skills needed by the industry. This link with the industry can strengthen the curriculum and enhance the employability and marketability of TAR College graduates". 

This partnership will also work towards building platforms for TAR College students and staff, specifically from the School of Arts & Science (SAS), and the experts of NI to mutually share the latest technologies and experiences in virtual instrumentation applications for test, control and design areas through collaborations in research & development, workshops, seminars, training sessions and projects. 

Mr Chandran Nair, NI ASEAN Managing Director expressed his hope to see new ideas emerge from the involvement of the students of TAR College in this collaboration.


The School of Arts and Science participates in Altera University Program. In this program, the Microelectronics and Physics Division receives latest equipment (FPGA development boards and peripherals) and trainings for faculty. The staff are well trained and the laboratory is well equipped with FPGA development boards like Altera DE1 and DE2 Development and Education boards as well as software tools. The availability of equipment and tools under the program has greatly enhanced the knowledge and skills of the students in the areas of programmable logic devices like FPGA. The School also work closely with Altera Penang to host the FPGA “train the trainers” workshop at TAR College for academic personnel in the country. 

MOU had also been signed with MIMOS whereby MIMOS provides facilities and equipment to fabricate integrated circuits (ICs) for students’ work. The MOU also provides the transfer of knowledge and skills, and joint development of macrocells. The students had successfully designed and fabricated the chips with collaboration from MIMOS.


The School also works closely with Intel in curriculum development and skills transfer. Academic staff were sent to Intel Penang for training under the Intel- MDeC Advanced VLSI training program. With industry trained staff and laboratory equipped with professional IC design software Mentor Graphics, students will be assured of receiving up-to-date skills in IC design.

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