Science Laboratories and Facilities for Teaching, Research and Innovation

Faculty of Applied Sciences has a range of science laboratories and facilities to support the programme offerings at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The laboratory facilities available are currently supporting the teaching, learning, research, servicing and industrial-academia collaboration well.

Chemistry Laboratories

The chemistry laboratories provide for both bench experimentation and the teaching of instrumental analysis. These laboratories are equipped with a wide range of analytical instruments such as:

    • UHPLC and HPLC systems; GCs & GCMS systems; GPC system; LCMS system; Ion Chromatography system
    • Atomic absorption spectrometers.
    • Microwave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer
    • Fluorescence Spectrometer
    • TGA system, DSC system, rheometer and tensile strength machine for polymer analysis
    The rotary evaporator system is commonly used during organic chemistry practical. Students using the high performance liquid chromatography system to analyze non-volatile organic compounds Students operating the Micowave Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer for the analysis of trace metals in aqueous sample. The basic principle and operation of the flame atomic absorption spectrometer is taught during the practical class for instrumental analysis course.

            Biotechnology Laboratories

            In the field of Life Science (Bioscience with Chemistry) per se, we are well equipped with instruments for the following:

            • Workflow solutions for biochemical analysis
            • Characterization for natural, chemical or microbiological samples.
            • Extraction, analysis and characterization of bioactive compounds
            • Molecular biology workflow
            • Cell and tissue culture
            Biochemical analysis Microscopic analysis Characterization of biological cells with flow cytometry. Characterization of bioactive compounds in the lab

              Food Science Laboratories

              The research and development for new food products could be realized here with the support of food science and technology instruments:

              • Raw material processing
              • Analysis
              • Toxicity testing
              • Food microbiological analysis
              • Nutritional assessment
              • Sensory evaluation.
              Food rheological analysis with rheometer Sensory evaluation of food in food kitchen

              Preparation of sample for freeze drying

              Food microbiological analysis

              Sport and Exercise Science Laboratories

              The sport and exercise science laboratories is used predominantly for the extensive practical teaching that goes on at all levels, as well as individual data collection activities for dissertations. Our laboratories are equipped with:

              • Monark cycle ergometer
              • HP Cosmos treadmills (Quasar and Mercury)
              • Metabolic Carts (Parvo Medics, COSMED and METAMAX)
              • Lode Cycle ergometer (Excalibur and Corival)
              • ECG analysers
              • BODPOD Gold Standard Body Composition Analyser
              • INBODY Body Composition Analyser
              • CSMI Isokinetic HUMAC NORM dynamometer
              • Sport Lactate Analyser
              • ACTIHEART (Camtech)
              • POLAR Team System

              Students also have the opportunity to use all our biomechanical equipment from simple 2D video capture to state of the art 3D motion capture. Biomechanics Laboratory is equipped with:

              • BERTECH & KISTLER Multicomponent Forceplate System
              • MYON 16 Channels Wireless EMG System
              • MOTION ANALYSIS SYSTEM – 10 HD cameras (3D motion analysis)
              • STALKER Sport Cordless (Radar Gun)
              • Wireless Speed Timing System
              • SILICON COACH Pro System (2D motion analysis)

              VO2max testing using a portable metabolic cart and cycle ergometer.

              Resistance training to reduce the risk of injury.

              Practical session using the  CSMi Isokinetic Dynamometer.

              Sports science students are measuring the energy expenditure during exercise.

                  Physics Laboratories

                  The Physics laboratories are equipped for teaching practical classes for undergraduate-level physics courses which ranges from basic mechanics setups, thermodynamics, electronics, electromagnetic studies,etc.

                  • Thin Films/High Vacuum lab is equipped with one thermal evaporation unit and Spin Coater for thin film deposition. The lab also has a Surface Probe microscope (SPM) for surface layer morphology which is able to achieve single layer atom resolution.
                  • Optics and laser labs for practical experiments related to the study of optical phenomena.
                  • The Virtual Instrumentation and Data Acquisition laboratory provides training facilities for conducting National Instruments Lab View and virtual Instrumentation hands on practical.
                  • The Multiphysics Simulation and Modelling Laboratory is equipped with the COMSOL Multiphysics software and other simulation software installed in high performance Dell workstation.
                  Experiment to study the behavior light using a simple laser and optical system. Laser system for studying the optical property of liquid

                  Students working on the android platform base wheel chair project.

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