Mr. Fong Choong Fook

Position and Company

Founder, LGMS / LE Global Services Sdn. Bhd.

Programme and Year Graduated

Certificate in Computer Studies, 1997

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Career Path and Biography

I started out at a System Engineer 18 years ago. When I was 12, I got my first computer from my late uncle. He gave me his PC XT when he got his 80286. At about 13, I started programming and hacking.

Most of the 'hacking' stuff I was doing back then was mainly hacking on the computer games save files and slowly I've moved on to study viruses and learning how to modify operating system parameters. And of course, writing my own programs and utilities just for fun. During my college time, I continued to learn about information security.

I did my Computer degree in Australia. You can say that I'm a self-learner, and while others are studying their university syllabus topics; I am spending most of my time in the library and lab doing security related research and experiments (which has nothing to do with my university courses, of course).

When I graduated and returned to my home country (Malaysia), I joined a local telephone company as a programmer and moonlighting my security services for those who are in need - companies that are not willing to hire full time staff but who need someone to perform testing for them.

Back then, there weren't many tools to help us in penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. I had to write the tools myself, and I'm glad that I maintained my programming background along the way; even until today, I still can code. I think most of the Old Schoolers in penetration testing are from programming background, unlike today, the variety of pen testers' backgrounds is so broad. In late 1999, I was offered a job in Sun Microsystems as a Security Consultant. Basically, my full time job in SUN was just to perform Penetration Testing on SUN's clients, regardless of their server platforms. The penetration tests back then were motivated towards showing how vulnerable non-SUN systems were and helping the sales guys to boost higher sales figures on SUN servers. But having direct access to gigantic enterprises once again have given me perfect opportunities to expand my view in Information Security and allowing me to bring my penetration testing skills to a higher level.

In 2002, I was hired by an international conglomerate manufacturer to build up their security competences in Asia. I took the job and everything went well - until I have got the job done and there wasn't much for me to leverage my skills on. My first daughter was born the same year, so me and my wife bought a new house. Then I made one of the biggest decisions of my life - I want to set up my own company and I no longer wished to work for just a company - I wanted to do more.

Hence LGMS was born in 2005.

Today, LGMS is the largest penetration testing specialist firm in Malaysia. We are certified in PCI ASV, and ISO 27001, our client consist of large enterprises coming from various industrial sectors: financial, telecommunications, broadcast, energy etc. LGMS is a very well trusted name when it comes to Professional Security Services.

Both founders of LGMS are TARCians. As part of the gratitude to TARC, LGMS always provide first priority to TARCians for placements, either for internship or permanent job positions.

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