Diploma in Science (Computer Science and Management Mathematics)

Programme Overview:

Emphasis is on analysis, development and implementation of computer systems, as well as mathematical techniques for financial and managerial applications.


2 years

Academic Progression:

Graduates may be admitted into Year 2 of:

Entry Requirements:

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Programme Outline:
  • Introduction to Information Technology
  • Programming Concepts and Design I
  • Programming Concepts and Design II
  • Principles of Information Systems
  • Web Design and Development
  • Analysis and Design of IS
  • Analysis and Design of IS Case Study
  • Object-Oriented Programming Techniques
  • Windows Application Programming
  • Database Development and Applications
  • Basic Mathematics I
  • Basic Mathematics II
  • Basic Algebra
  • Basic Calculus
  • Statistics I
  • Statistics II
  • Calculus I
  • Calculus II
  • Discrete Mathematics
  • Algebra
  • Mathematics for Management
  • Accounting Methods I
  • Accounting Methods II
Language, Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum (MPU) and Co-curricular Courses:

English Language, English for Communication, Bahasa Kebangsaan A, Pengajian Malaysia 2, Public Speaking, English for IELTS, Civic Consciousness and Volunteerism, Co-curricular

Career Prospects:
  • Junior Software Developers
  • Junior Application Developers
  • Junior Systems Engineers
  • Junior Database Administrators
  • Junior Systems Analysts
  • Junior Statistical Analysts
  • Junior Quantitative Analysts
  • Junior Quality Control Engineers
  • Junior Data Analysts

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