TAR UC is definitely a good choice for tertiary studies. It does not only provide high quality and affordable education, but also ensures a good collaboration with industrial sector. This thus opens up students and graduates to prospective job opportunities.
I am also grateful for having received TARC Merit Scholarship, which has assisted me financially during my 4 years of student life. It is definitely a nice experience to study at TAR UC as I learn and grow alongside my friends and supportive academic staffs. Materials & Manufacturing Engineering has certainly equipped me well with the skill and knowledge needed to face the challenging world with confidence.


During the four years of my studies in TARC, I had many wonderful and enjoyable moments. As the courses that I had taken comprised a vast range of relevant engineering topics which included software and hardware, I am equipped with skills to understand Engineering concepts and parts easily and have applied this knowledge to my current job. Therefore, I am grateful to TARC and the lecturers there for the knowledge and experiences that I gained throughout these four years.


What a wonderful experience studying at TARC! It was what I had imagined and wished for. Thanks for those supportive friends and also lecturers that helped me in my studies. I am very grateful that TARC had provided me the opportunity and scholarship to further studies.


The main reason I have chosen TARUC is because TARUC KL campus is a very beautiful campus, which enable us students to lead an extraordinary campus life. Not forgetting to mention TARUC provides affordable education and also offering scholarships to academically well-performed students. I am very honoured to have received full scholarship throughout my diploma and degree studies in TARUC. Though education is affordable, the quality and performance of lecturers in engineering faculty are not compensated. They are highly knowledgeable and dedicated lecturers who never fail to provide support and guidance when I need them to assist me throughout my studies. Furthermore, TARUC library is where I spent most of my time while I was in the campus. The extensive library provides a conducive learning environment which is suitable for either organizing group studies with my friends or self-study. After completion of my course in February 2017, I received several job offers. In May, I was fortunate to be employed as an International Application Engineer in B&R Industrial Automation which is a member of the ABB group. One month later, I was sent to B&R headquarters in Austria for four months to join B&R Engineering Camp (Ecamp). The intensive training in Ecamp includes control technology, motion control, visualization, project management and soft skills. It was one of a kind experience to get to know the culture and people from many other countries besides gaining technical knowledge from the training.


Tunku Abdul Rahman University College has never failed to equipped me with the appropriate knowledge of the industry. As I entered the working world, I felt like I was ready to take on the world. TARUC emphasizes immensely on life-long learning. This is in fact a crucial skill required in my career as my job requires me to catch up on the latest technology or to develop a totally different system for the client.

I really appreciate the guidance and the hardwork that the lecturers have put together to provide the best education for the students. Lecturers are always ready to give explanations for your doubts and curiousity regarding the courses. Moreover, if we ever have a project idea that would like to be realized, the lecturers are also very supportive in terms of providing knowledge and tools we need to do so.

The facilities in TARUC are well equipped. From an efficient library to a high-tech engineering laboratory, it is all there to help you to achieve your goal. Last but not least, I am glad that I have chosen TARUC and I have enjoyed my time here as well.


TAR UC is a good choice for tertiary studies as it not only provides affordable and high quality education, the lecturers are very professional and kind. They take care every student like their child. We are fully equipped by TAR UC before stepping into society.

Furthermore, TAR UC also provide TAR UC Merit Scholarship which helps many students in their financial. .


TAR UC is a very well-equipped and quality institution. The lecturers and tutors are experienced and very friendly. The lecturers really spend time to make the learning process more enjoyable and easy to understand. Besides, TAR UC has always been enhancing its facilities for the benefit of students including gym center, swimming pool, laboratory facilities and canteens. I really feel that TAR UC is a high-quality institution especially with the affordable tuition fees which can allow all range of Malaysian students to study. Lastly, I am very grateful for being able to complete my 5 years of engineering course in such a nice learning environment. Now, I am well ready and confident to apply my knowledge and skill in my working environment.