Centre for Systematic Innovation Research (CSIR)


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yip Mum Wai                                                                  


Dr. Lee Yoon Ket (Faculty of Engineering)

Ms. Lim Joo Eng (Faculty of Engineering)

Mr. Chay Tick Fei (Faculty of Engineering)

Mr. Keong Chee Sheng (Centre of Pre-University Studies)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Janice Toh Guat Guan (Penang Branch Campus)

Mr. Nikulus Swee Shu Luing (Penang Branch Campus)

Mr. Tai See Chew (Penang Branch Campus)

Ms. Loo Sze Phei (Penang Branch Campus)

Mr. Chau Guan Hin (Penang Branch Campus)


The CENTRE FOR SYSTEMATIC INNOVATION RESEARCH  (CSIR) aims to promote creativity and innovation tools to university students, lecturers, engineers and managers from industries. Besides that, the Centre will apply the innovation tools to design and develop new products for the nation.

Vision Statement:

To be an acknowledge systematic innovation research and training centre that fosters knowledge transfer, knowledge innovation and facilitates new product development for the nation.

Rationale and Research and Training Plan

Year 2015 - 2018:

Tranfer the systematic innovation process to university and industries.

Set-up a professional network-ecosystem to develop new products.

Embrace local and global expertise in differnt fields of knowledge.

Establish multidisciplinary area of research focus.

Operations and Activities:

The current operations and activities of the Centre include training and consultance work to university students and to engineers with the systematic innovation tools. Relevant papers form the consultancy work have beeen published in international journals and international conference proceedings. Besides that, the Centre will also be actively involved in the TRIZ SMART LAB initiated by MyTRIZ Association. Future activities will include the commercialization of the product from TRIZ SMART LAB.

Funding, Facilities and Equipment

Currently the Centre is Funded by MyTRIZ Association and Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC). The activities proposed will utilize existing facilities and equipment available in the University College. The aim for future funding is to apply for government funded projects and research. Extra income will be gained by conducting TRIZ Workshop and doing consulatnce project with industry.

Brief Description of How the Centre will Satisfy the Criteria as stated in R&D Guidelines

The long term vision and objectives is as stted in the preceding documentation. It is evident from the membership list that the Centre built upon current staff strengths. The main aim of the Centre is to promote collaboration across the community of scholars and the industries. The Centre of the University College and the work objective is development work with industries which will provide training, research, design and fabrication of prototype opportunities and also provide the experiential learning opportunities for faculty members and students.