Alumni Profiles

Alumni Profiles

Amongst many successful alumni, some wish to share their experience as graduates of the School of Technology (SOT) and Faculty of Engineering (FOEN), now renamed as Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FOET)

Testimonies/Other Achievements:

Dr. Chua had worked with Tunku Abdul Rahman University College as the dean of Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment. Dr. Chua also served as the committee member of the Tarcian Alumni.

Qualification(s) obtained from TARC

Diploma in Materials Engineering


MSc. in Engineering & Manufacturing Management

"TARC has provided a very good platform for many students especially to Chinese society.
With TARC, I managed to complete my study in Diploma & even Master in Science at UK. Besides of providing a good course/knowledge which is relevant to working environment, TARC does build the responsible student for their own & society, and of course with high confidence level.
During the working life, I managed to meet some TARC junior students, all has shown a very good altitude & are willing to learn; this is why most of the company have very good perspective on TARC students.
Lastly, thanks to TARC for providing me good knowledge to patch my career path & have a success in my life."

Qualification(s) obtained from TARC

Diploma in Technology (Materials Engineering), Master in Manufacturing (Conventry University)


Work in a US based Semiconductor Company at Penang for 20 years with constantly progress in career achievements.

  1. 2008 : Implement the new packing system method and realign the mapping flow to avoid order change/repacking issue. Save 27 headcount and $120k/year raw material wastages.
  2. 2009 : Implement 2 laser marking to replace 26 ink marking equipment. Reduce 33 headcount and save $549k/qtr chemical usage. Save 3500 sq ft of space.
  3. 2009 : Economic down turn. Changing from 4 crew to 3 crew without increasing in cost. Reduce 101 headcount and cut down 1 trip of transport that saving $100k/year.
  4. 2010-2011 : Singapore factory consolidation to Penang facility. Manage the transfer plan, prepare layout, resources requirement (facility/resources). This transfer involved more than 150 equipments (60-80M/qtr volume products).
  5. 2012 : Reduce 43 operators headcount by moving to higher efficiency equipment that have higher UPH, better performance, higher quality performance/control and reduce labor resource requirement.
  6. 2013 : Identify the small lots charges cost from assembly operation from subcons. Implement the control system in kitting operation to avoid this. Save $500-$600k/year saving.
  7. 2014 : Replace old legacy equipment with high efficient equipment by improve multisite testing, high UPH and flexibility. Achieve 1.1M saving in year 2013, reduce 50 direct headcount, spare saving, utilities saving and etc.
  8. 2015 : Improvement packaging operation with new machine Turret based high speed equipment , PVI option and improve process quality. Cutting down 25 headcount and 6 Non-Exempt. Total save ~$500k
  9. 2015 Driving process yield improvement from 89.5 to 93%. Total $10.8M/year saving.
  10. 2015 Manage Carsem subcon to ramp a product from 6M/qtr to 20M/qtr capacity.
  11. 2015 introduce a new xcerra equipment with high UPH from 4 k to 10K UPH. Save 2 testers spending ~$2M on PS9G (Pin scale) tester.
  12. Plant electricity saving with manage testers efficiency and upgrade new chiller and aircon. $300k/year saving.

Below are the last 6-8 years major achievements

  1. 2006/2007, Manila factory consolidation to Penang. Manage the transfer plan with facility requirement (layout/labor/products transfer plan in detail).
  2. 2007 : Move out assembly operation from Penang facility. Assembly operation is fully subcon. Cut down 350 headcount.
  3. 2007 : Establish/develop a database that link from capacity module with finance product costing. Good knowledge in total company costing structure.
  4. 2008 : Move out burn in to subcon. Reduce 80 headcount and free out 4000 sq ft. save company $500k/qtr spending compare to in house.
Qualification(s) obtained from TARC

Diploma in Technology (Materials Engineering)


Master in Business Administration (WOU)

Achievement in BK Precision Cast Sdn Bhd (1994 -1999)

  1. Part of the Quality team that achieved ISO 9002 accreditation for the company
  2. Undertake KLIA Project in supplying spider fittings for the prestigious national project. The team has worked hand in hand with Central Glass to manufacture and assembly of spider fittings using Investment Casting Project.
  3. Undertake Project to deliver Steyr Aug Rifle parts to SMET using Investment Casting Process. The initial rejects were as high as 70%. Working hand in hand with Incast Consultancy UK, the rejects were reduced to 25%.

Achievement in South East Asia Paper Products Sdn Bhd (1999-2005) as Production Manager

  1. Reduction of wastage from an average of 13% in (2000) to an average of 10% in (2004). An average output of 36T /day, a reduction of 3 % is equivalent to 28T of papers / month.
  2. Achievement an all time high output of producing 66,359 m on 23/6/2003. A new record output.
  3. Achievement of all time high Printing output of 122,222 pc of corrugated cartons per day on 1/3/2006

Achievement in SSG Safety Glass Sdn Bhd (2005 – 2013) as Operations Manager

  1. Reduction of manpower from 139 (2005) to 98 (2008) while keeping the output of 9100m of glass tempered per month.
  2. Setting up glass laminating line in 2010.
  3. Promoted to Sales Department in 2010 to be the Deputy General Manager, Sales

Current position (2013 –

  1. Deputy General Manager Eastech Steel Mill Services Sdn Bhd
  2. Deputy General Manager to Limetreat Trading Sdn Bhd, Kuari Atrah Sdn Bhd and Kemboja Sejahtera Sdn Bhd
Qualification(s) obtained from TARC

Advance Diploma In Materials And Manufacturing Engineering


Final year project on Forensic Enginering. Finished Bachelor Degree In Materials Engineering from SHU.

"I have been working at this company since I graduated. Starting of as an assistant enigneer to being in change of the whole of this factory now. Thanks TAR UC for cultivate me."

Qualification(s) obtained from TARC

Advanced Diploma in Technology (Materials and Manufacturing Engineering)


Being one of the first two teams to represent TAR UC to compete in the 25th International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2014 and won Gold Medal award for the Manufacturing Process Category.

"TAR UC is definitely a good choice for tertiary studies. It does not only provide high quality and affordable education, but also ensures a good collaboration with industrial sector. This thus opens up students and graduates to prospective job opportunities. I am also grateful for having received TARC Merit Scholarship, which has assisted me financially during my 4 years of student life. It is definitely a nice experience to study at TAR UC as I learn and grow alongside my friends and supportive academic staffs. Materials & Manufacturing Engineering has certainly equipped me well with the skill and knowledge needed to face the challenging world with confidence.
No doubt that TAR UC also provides good national or international platform for the students to demonstrate their skills and achievements. I am thankful to TAR UC for providing me the platform to showcase my Final Year Project in the 25th International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) 2014 and winning Gold Medal in the Manufacturing Process Category."

Qualification(s) obtained from TARC

Diploma and Advanced Diploma In Materials & Manufacturing Engineering


Achieved the increment of 20% productivity in Trebor Basett, Sheffied by implemented advanced scheduling methods. (minimize labour, materials, waste and moving cost).

Achieved a well team work (combination from well communication, respectful and systematic) in Campaign Complete Solution Pte. Ltd.

Achieved extra 10% efficiency and productivity production line in a month by implemented of lean manufacturing and kaizen system. (ITEX) 2014 and won Gold Medal award for the Manufacturing Process Category.

"I like recommended TAR UC for those like pursue their tertiary studies. It does providing good studies environment and high quality education standard with affordable education fees which helping a lot students come from below medium income families. Of course, the subjects and curriculum activities were having a good collaboration with industrial sectors. Thus, graduated students were able look for their desires job easily.
During my 4 years student life, it was a nice experience to study in TARC as I learn and grow alongside with course mate, housemate and academic staff, it made me more independence and discipline.
No doubt that TAR UC also provide a good platform for students to demonstrate their talents and skills."

Qualification(s) obtained from TARC

Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering


Completed my Degree in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering at Sheffield Hallam University with a First Class Honours and was subsequently awarded a scholarship to pursue my PhD at the University of Nottingham. In the year 2015, I obtained my PhD, focusing on the synthesis and application of graphene in nanobiosensors. I also published 4 first author international peer reviewed journals on the subject.

"I attribute my success in my field to the firm foundation that Tunku Abdul Rahman University College has helped me lay down. I remember my days at college very fondly, and the easy camaraderie we had with our lecturers allowed us to rest in the assurance that they were always at hand to help us understand the subjects they taught. The courses taught were holistic and comprehensive, and this helped me work in a multi disciplinary team during my research as a PhD candidate. I also think that the hands on exposure we were given in the labs and workshops helped immensely in relating our theoretical studies with practical work. I am also very appreciative of the opportunities we were given to hone our soft skills, and my experiences emceeing for the various co-curricular activities such as the annual MESO night has taught me invaluable lessons in public speaking, emceeing, and learning how to be more confident when delivering presentations."