Centre for Multimodal Signal Processing

Lai Weng Kin
Lim Li Li
Goh Kam Meng
Lim Lien Tze
Wong Jee Keen Raymond
Loo Pak Kwan
The Centre for Multimodal Signal Processing is a multi-disciplinary centre developed with support from the UC's research Council. By applying high quality academic research to the solution of industrial problems, the Centre aim to strengthen its external links with industry and other academic institutions.
The objective of the Centre is to investigate the theoritical foundations and develop intelligent system on any of the modalities of digital signals to solve real-world problems.
Vision Statement
To be a leading centre for research and development in signal processing.
Rationale and Research Plan
The centre research will conduct research and develop application with commercial potential in the following area: 
  1. Signal Processing
  2. Embedded Systems
  3. Pattern Recognition
  4. Intelligent Machine Vision Systems
  5. Artificial Neural Networks
  6. Evolutionary Algorithms
Operations and Activities
CMSP started as a research lab in 2011 to conduct research in signal processing covering many of the different modalities of digital signals.  Since then it has successfully attracted externally funded research/consultancy as well as world-class researchers to join the team.  The Centre aims to increase collaboration with public and private Institution of Higher Learning (IHL), Research Institutes (RI) and companies which will serve to create a cultural shift in the business community's approach to innovation.
Funding, Facilities and Equipment
In line with the vision and aspirations of the university, the centre welcomes engagement with either governmental, academic or commercial entities, locally or internationally to jointly work on commercially viable projects.
Brief description of how the Centre will satisfy the Criteria as stated in R&D guidelines.
The main aim of the centre is to undertake research, design, development, consultancy and experiential learning opportunities while exploring potential collaboration across the community of research institutions, scholars and industries. We are located in the university’s main campus in Kuala Lumpur.