Tomomi Hase

Pursuing Diploma in Social Science (Counselling), Department of Social Science, TAR UC

I am Tomomi Hase, currently pursuing Diploma in Social Science (Counselling) in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC). I choose to study in TAR UC because there are some features and qualities that TAR UC possess that make it stand out from other colleges and universities. One of the main reasons I select TAR UC as my ideal place to study is that it has a big campus. As it has a big campus, it contains many facilities and a variety of sports and clubs that I can join. For example, I used to go swimming, and I also joined the fencing club. I was really surprised that there is a fencing club in TARUC. Because of the variety of activities in campus, I did not need to constrain myself in just one or two buildings. TARUC also offers many different programmes for students. Therefore I was able to meet students from different fields and make friends with them. There are also many special events organised in TARUC such as Music Fiesta, Leadership Camp and other different campaigns. TARUC is not only a place for studying but also a place full of opportunities to let students enhance their personal skills such as leadership or social skills. In conclusion, TARUC is a university college that will make students’ campus life become more interesting and fulfilling.

Teh Zi Heng

Pursuing Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Psychology,
Department of Social Science, TAR UC
Diploma in Social Science (Counselling), Department of Social Science, TAR UC (2017)

I have chosen Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) to further my studies because of its good reputation and recommendation by the existing students and alumni. Besides that, the affordable tuition fees and availability of student loans are also factors that made me choose TAR UC. Lastly, I choose TAR UC to further my studies due to its accessibility to public transportations and the various amenities around the campus that create convenience for students.

Lee Jia Yun

President, Student Representative Council (SRC) 2018 of FSSH
Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Psychology, Year 3, TAR UC
Diploma in Social Science (Counselling), TAR UC

My years studying in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC) can be said to be challenging and full of joy. In TARUC, quality education is emphasised, courses provided have industrial relevance and are professionally driven. I am lucky because I have the chance to enrol myself into the Psychology course in TAR UC. I am blessed to have lecturers full of enthusiasm, knowledge and are ever ready to lend a helping hand. Taking up this course allows me to understand people around me more, to be more observant and sensitive, as well as to enhance my communication skills and confidence.

Goh Siew Ean

Master of Science in Abnormal and Clinical Psychology, Swansea University, Wales, UK
Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Psychology, TAR UC (2015)
Diploma in Social Science (Counselling),TAR UC (2014)

The years of education at TARUC turned out to be much better than I had expected. Renowned faculty with well-equipped resources and modern facilities, knowledgeable faculty members and helpful lecturers had provided me with an unforgettable learning experience. The courses included in the psychology programme at TARUC were carefully picked, comprehensive and had prepared me well for jobs in a relevant field and have created a strong foundation for my further education here in Wales, in the UK.

Chang Jing Nee

Pursuing Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English with Drama, Department of English Studies, TAR UC

Tunku Abdul Rahman University College is a great university college as it has a wonderful study environment and facilities. TAR UC has made me a better person by helping me to develop a better and more positive attitude towards my studies. Lecturers here are very caring and committed. They make sure the teaching sessions are enjoyable and interesting. The programme I am currently pursuing has given me a deeper awareness of the importance of English and the beauty of drama. I am very grateful to be a part of the TAR UC community.

Cristy Evanjelita

Pursuing Bachelor in Hospitality Management (Honours), Department of Hospitality Management, TAR UC

I am currently in my final year of Bachelor in Hospitality Management, and I am glad that I have chosen this programme because it has met my expectations. The programme offers various subjects which covers both theoretical and practical areas. Additionally, they are also industry relevant which will be useful for me in managing my career in future. The lecturers are dedicated and are very helpful as they always avail themselves to help every students in need. Besides that, the campus is also well equipped with facilities which provides excellent support for teaching and learning activities. Last but not least, as a final year student, I am grateful for each opportunity given during these few years, especially meeting new friends. The memories of studying in TAR UC will always remain as part of my life’s journey.

Wong Jih Xuan

Bachelor in Hospitality Management (Honours), Department of Hospitality Management, TAR UC (2017)

My journey at TAR UC was full of fun, opportunities and learning. I gained tremendously in terms of knowledge and friendship, as well as developing a positive mindset and behaviour. In Year One, I was exposed to the hospitality industry. All the courses that I had taken provided me the foundation that I needed to study about hospitality management. Visits and excursions to hotels in Malaysia broadened my horizons. I particularly remember the hotel visit to Malacca with my lecturers who were both inspiring and jovial. They gave the students a lot of motivation to pursue this programme. In Year Two, the courses that I had taken provided me a more detailed knowledge regarding hospitality management. What caught my interest was the F&B course. It was fun and fruitful as I got to know a variety of beverages and their history. The quote: ‘Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.’ perfectly describes the teamwork among my classmates in completing the restaurant coursework. Although we had our differences, we felt very satisfied and happy when we successfully ran the theme lunches together. In my final year, my relationship with my classmates and my coursemates became much better. We completed the team building event successfully and learnt a lot of things from each other. We were very grateful to have each other to lean on. I have nothing but praises for all the lecturers who have taught me a lot, shared with me a lot of stories and knowledge and helped me when I faced difficulties in my journey to develop my skills at TAR UC.

Emily Tay Wan-Ling

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) English with Education, Department of English Studies, TAR UC

In my years of being part of the Tunku Abdul Rahman University College community, I have gained nothing but memorable and exceptional learning experiences while studying and participating in the local community. The quality of education in TAR UC is truly exceptional as the courses are well-structured and lecturers would genuinely provide all kinds of learning resources to help us gain knowledge in different ways. Although there is not a doubt that studying English proves to be a challeging task that requires a lot of hard work, I am however, enjoying every bit of the struggle as I know that my lecturers and peers would be more than willing to guide me along the way to watch me succeed in life.

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