Research Centres in the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities

In the Faculty of Social Science and Humanities, there are TWO (2) research centres that embark on research related activities to fill in the knowledge gap in the areas of language teaching and learning, soft skills development, psychology, service industries and social phenomenon studies. Activities include conducting or organising research projects for journal publishing, consultancy works, workshops, seminars, conferences and dialogues. Besides conducting research on the specialised areas, the research centres seek to enhance multidisciplinary studies through research collaboration with other faculties, institutions, statutory bodies or industry partners. The research activities are expected to enhance teaching and learning as well as propose sustainable solutions to relevant stakeholders in the society.

  1. Centre for Social Integration, Soft Skills and Language Enhancement Research (CSISLER)
  2. Centre of Research for Education and Social Science (CRESS)

Centre for Social Integration, Soft Skills and Language Enhancement Research (CSISLER)

Location: Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (FSSH), Block Q, TAR UMT Main Campus

(1) Objectives

The centre aims

  • to build a research culture and expand a research community with wide-ranging interests in many areas of specialization;
  • to provide research-led training courses for FSSH academicians to learn, nurture and hone their research skills as well as competencies;
  • to conduct researches relating to social integration, soft skills and language enhancement;
  • to collaborate with various organisations in running research-based projects related to social integration, soft skills and language enhancement;
  • to form and develop research partnership/authorship with public and private sectors/institutions/industries nationally and/or internationally to produce books and high impact journal articles;
  • to invite local and international speakers, trainers and subject experts to share their insights on matters related to social integration, soft skills and language enhancement;
  • to facilitate relevant seminars, trainings, dialogues or projects on matters related to social integration, soft skills and language enhancement.

(2) Vision Statement 

CSISLER strives to become a leading research centre in the areas of social integration, soft skills and language enhancement and to work together with other research centres to bring out research findings that can be incorporated into the society for its progressive development. 

(3) Rationale and Research Plan

Soft skills and language enhancement are key elements that contribute to the sustainability of any ventures in the modern society today.  Research work on emerging or long-standing issues related to soft skills and language enhancement will help promote better learning outcomes. Besides, studies on social integration in Malaysia will help increase better understanding of certain social phenomenon that surfaces in our multiracial context; with better understanding, comes a clearer direction on measures that can be taken to strengthen social integration in the country.

The research plan of CSISLER is as follows: 

  • identify areas of research under Department of English Studies, Department of Mata Pelajaran Pengajian Umum and Department of Languages.
  • facilitate and support research activities undertaken by the stated departments via seminars, trainings, dialogues or projects;
  • establish research collaborations with  various organisations and other higher education institutions.

(4) Research Centre Leader and Members

Leader:           Prof. Dr Ananda Kumar A/L Palaniappan

Members:    Dr Halimatun Sa'adiah Bt Abdul Manap

                           Dr Marzita Bt Mohamed Noor

                           Ms Juliazilah Bt. Junit

                           Dr Roslizawati Bt Taib

                           Dr Jeslyn Sharnita Amarasekera


any other interested and relevant academic staff who may be appointed from time to time.


Centre of Research for Education and Social Science (CRESS)

The CRESS advances knowledge and support scholarly activities in the area of education and social science.

Location:        Faculty of Social Science and Humanities (FSSH)

(1) Objectives

    The CRESS is to encourage scholarly and academic activities including, but not limited to the following:

  • Conduct research activities related to the theory and application in various fields of education and social science; 
  • Provide consultancy in the area of personal development and enhancement; 
  • Collaborate with other researchers through organising workshop, seminar, conference and journal publication work.

(2) Vision Statement

To be a centre committed to conducting scientific research on human beings for the purpose of adding value to the society and community. 

(3)CRESS Committee Members

       Leader:     Dr Liew Sze Pei

       Members: Assoc. Prof. Dr Lai Chooi Seong

                        Dr Cheng Sau Keng

                        Dr Law Mei Yui

                        Mr Low Chee Seong

                        Ms Siti Sara Binti Mohd Ariff

                        Ms Marshiella binti Musa

                        Ms Himalah a/p Mohan

                        Mr Thilip Kumar a/l Moorthy

                        Mr Mohd Nor Ahmar Bin Mohd Sanip

                        Ms Tengku Elvirozita binti Tengku Mansur


any interested academic staff in FSSH/TAR UMT may join when there are needs arising

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