EMGS & Immigration fees

Charges for Student Pass, Visa, Personal Bond and any other processing fees and charges related to medical screening, medical insurance, etc. will be borne and paid by the international student.

Estimated first year payment for the EMGS and Immigration Charges is approximately MYR2,500 to MYR4,500/USD660 to USD1,190#.

Student pass is subject to annual renewal and the charges are approximately MYR745 to MYR790/USD196 to USD208# per annum.

#The amount (included GST 6%) will vary according to the country of origin.

To find out more about the personal bond and visa charges by country of origin, you may click the following links:

 Multiple Entry Visa Fee Table

 Personal Bond Fees


First Year
1. First Payment
  • Payable upon acceptance of application
  • Covers International Student Administrative Fee (ISAF) & EMGS and Immigration Charges
2. Second Payment
  • Payable upon approval of VISA and Student Pass
  • Covers tuition fees and other fees for the first two semesters*/ first year** depending on level of study
Second Year
Third Payment & onwards
  • Payable at the beginning of every new semester
  • Covers tuition fees and other fees and annual EMGS and immigration charges (if applicable)

* Foundation and GCE A Level programmes

** Diploma/Bachelor Degree programmes