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Financial Aid is intended to help you finance your studies in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College when family and personal resources are not enough to meet your total education costs. Financial aid consists of scholarships and grants (aid that does not require repayment) and study loans (aid which must be repaid).

The University College provides a variety of scholarships, grants and study loans, some of which are administered by the Student Financial Aid Unit and others by external organizations. Some types of financial aid offered to students are merit-based, while others will take into consideration certain main criteria such as the applicant’s academic performance, family financial background and/or their participation in extra-curricular activities.

Maintaining Your Financial Aid

Once you have been awarded your financial aid, you must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to maintain it. For example, you must maintain satisfactory academic progress in your programme of study and avoid breaking University College rules and regulations. In addition, you must maintain the grade point average (GPA) or cumulative grade point average (CGPA) required by your financial aid programme.

If you receive financial aid that requires you to re-apply each award year or to submit your examination results by semester or yearly to the awarding institution or donor, be sure to meet their deadlines to ensure that you maintain your financial aid.

Financial Aid FAQ

1. What is the estimated total fees of pursuing a programme of study at TAR-UC for the upcoming academic year? 
  The estimated total fees of pursuing a programme at TAR-UC can be found HERE.
2. When can I apply for financial aid in TAR-UC? 
  At the beginning of each academic year. Please check the Tunku Abdul Rahman University College’s website or the notice boards of Department of Student Affairs.
3. I applied for financial aid last year and was not offered any aid. Can I apply this year?
  Yes, as long as you are currently not holding any other financial aid.
4. How can I check my financial aid application status?
  You can check your financial aid application status from the notice boards of Department of Student Affairs or from the Tunku Abdul Rahman University College’s website.
5. I am in financial difficulty but the financial aid application deadline is over. What should I do?
  You can approach the Department of Student Affairs and speak to the officer in charge for assistance.
6. The deadline for payment of fees is drawing near, and I still have not received my loan payment. What should I do?
  You can write a letter to explain your reason(s) to request for a delay in your payment of University College fees, through Bursary. Please check with Bursary on the procedures and deadlines to delay your payment of University College fees.


In addition to the student loans funds, Johor Campus has received 3 additional financial aids from local communities to the needy and deserving students. They are:

  1. Ajiya Berhad
  2. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Tan Beng Tong
  3. Yayasan Soon Boon Seng

Students are invited to apply the above sponsorships if you have met the following eligibility criteria for Family Financial Situation, Satisfied Academic Performance and Good Behaviour / Attitude for consideration.

Application forms are available at Student Affairs Office at Sport Complex, Block D. You are required to complete and return the duly filled forms together with the following documents:-

  • Letter of Application
  • Photocopied of Identity Card
  • SPM/STPM Results
  • Overall Results (Diploma)
  • Proof of Parents & Siblings Income
  • Certificates of Extracurricular Activities (if any)

Study Loans

There are various types of loans available for students to apply. The type and quantum of loan offered to a student depends on the student’s financial situation, academic performance and participation in extra curricular activities.

  1. TAR UC Student Loans
    These study loans are administered by the Student Financial Unit, Department of Student Affairs.
    TAR UC Student Loan Fund
    FAQ about TAR UC Student Loan Fund Repayment
  2. Externally Administered Study Loans
    These study loans are awarded by external organizations or foundations with their own selection criteria, administrative procedures, and terms and conditions.

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