TAR UC Trio Excel in ICSA Examinations

The 3 high achievers with the letters from the Malaysian Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (‘MAICSA’) notifying them of their achievement (from left to right): Ms Wong Hwa Kiong, Dean of the Faculty of Accountancy, Finance and Business (‘FAFB’), Lim Ka Way, Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, President of TAR UC, Ong Shu Yee, Ng Kok Loong and Dr Chin Mui Yin, Senior Lecture of the Department of Economics & Corporate Administration, FAFB.


TAR UC’s track record of producing high achievers in professional examinations remains unchallenged with the latest achievement set by three TAR UC Bachelor of Corporate Administration (Hons) graduates in the ICSA IQS Part 2 June 2017 examinations where they emerged as book prize winners in the said examinations. Lim Ka Way was named the recipient of the AmBank Group Prize for the best paper in Corporate Financial Management and Ng Kok Loong received the Telekom Malaysia Berhad Prize for the best paper in Corporate Administration. Meanwhile, Ong Shu Yee is the Tricor Corporate Services Prize winner for the best paper in Corporate Secretaryship.

For Ka Way, the preparation for the examination was a real challenge due to the time constraint as he had a full-time job. “I only managed to do solid revision during the weekends due to my work. However, this limitation did not stop me from giving my best. In fact, I was determined to prepare the best I could for the examination. On top of this, I believe that TAR UC’s excellent education prepared me well for the examination. It is a very good feeling to finally see the fruits of my labour,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, Kok Loong shared some of the creative ways he used to prepare for the examination. “The examination syllabus was very broad and memorising facts is not very practical. Instead, it was more important for me to fully comprehend the subject matter so that I could effectively apply the knowledge I had learnt in the examination. One of my study techniques was to attempt past year questions and analyse how the suggested answers to the questions were worked out. I also had frequent revision sessions with my friends where we took turns to ask each other questions and discuss the answers together,” Kok Loong explained. He also emphasised that the syllabi of his diploma and bachelor degree programmes in TAR UC built a solid foundation which gave him the confidence to not only attempt the examinations but also excel in them.

Shu Yee on the other hand recalled how her life as a TAR UC student helped her to achieve her success. “Lack of time was my main challenge in preparation for the examination. However, I managed to deal with this challenge thanks to TAR UC’s excellent education and a team of dedicated lecturers. The study materials provided by TAR UC are systematic, comprehensive and user-friendly. The lecturers were not only determined to help me clear any doubts I had, but they constantly provided practical examples and real life case studies which were a great help to me ,” she said.

Ka Way is currently attached to a corporate services company while Ng Kok Loong and Ong Shu Yee are working together in another corporate services company. The three high achievers are working towards completing the remaining papers in the ICSA IQS Part 2 examinations in the near future.