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First Digital One-Stop Portal to Help Agriculture Businesses

Dato’ Abdul Latif Haji Abu Seman giving his opening remarks during the Agrolink Soft Launch.


Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei welcoming the participants at the Agrolink Soft Launch.


Mr Kit Chan introducing the Agrolink Malaysia Information Toolbox to the audience.


Dr Lee Wah Pheng talking about the use of the Agrolink Web Portal for business growth.


Dr Lim Yee Mei bringing the audience through a demonstration of the Agrolink Web Portal.


On 29 August 2020, there was a soft launch of Agrolink Malaysia Web portal, which was created through the collaboration between TAR UC, Malaysia Productivity Corporation (‘MPC’) and the Agrofood Productivity Nexus (‘AFPN’).

The AGROLINK Malaysia Information Toolbox or the Agrolink Malaysia Web portal is created to provide free and direct access to the information regarding all aspects of the Agrofood Supply Chain. The Web Portal enables one to develop linkages through one’s participation in sharing and receiving information among individuals, institutions and commercial fraternities of the Agrofood Industry in Malaysia. One’s contribution of information resources to the Web Portal allows one’s organisation to build the connectivity digitally for commercial and research purposes in order to grow Malaysia's economy.

Dato’ Abdul Latif Haji Abu Seman, Director General of MPC spoke at length about the importance of the Agrolink portal. “The potential is immeasurable, as priceless information will be disseminated to all. Knowledge is the internalisation of information, data and experience. The same challenges can be overcome faster and better with the right knowledge being shared in a timely manner among farmers and players within a community. The portal will provide free and easy access to information regarding all aspects of the agrofood supply chain to the general public in the nation,” he said.

Echoing similar train of thought, Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei, President of TAR UC, added: “With the platform, we can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the value chain and supply chain of the agriculture sector in Malaysia and help the nation to bring together all the stakeholders for better information sharing. TAR UC will lend its expertise in IT, such as Data Science and Cloud Computing and also Agricultural Science in supporting this platform.”

Mr Kit Chan, AFPN Governing Committee Member Malaysia Productivity Corporation, shared how truly beneficial the portal is to the agriculture sector. “Today, we give you the Agrolink portal. It will help you to produce crop and to connect you to the market. As a farmer, you may be a small player but you must believe that the market wants to know your product. The Agrolink can bring your business to the level you have always dreamt about. It will bring you to the right places and the right people that you have always wanted to meet. Agrolink gives you that power,” he enthused.

The soft launch continued with a talk on the topic of 'Leveraging the Agrolink Web Portal for Business Growth’ by Associate Prof Dr Lee Wah Pheng, Head of the Centre for Postgraduate Studies and Research, and then Dr Lim Yee Mei, Lead, Centre for ICT Innovations and Creativity, Agrolink Development Team, brought the audience through a demonstration of the Agrolink web portal.

One can see the potential of growing one’s market and visibility of one’s organisation in the Agrofood supply chain by leveraging on www.agrolinkmalaysia.com for free.

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