Highlights/ Achievements

Breaking All Conventions

(From left) Zhi Wei, Jerome, and Yong Chun holding their First Prize winners certificate after winning the Worldwide WMAM ISWA YPG Sustainability Video Award 2020 competition.


Science students are not usually associated with creative endeavours like videography, but that is just what Chee Yong Chun, Ho Zhi Wei and Jerome Liew did to break traditional stereotypes after clinching First Prize in the Worldwide WMAM ISWA YPG Sustainability Video Award 2020 competition in August 2020.

Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Bioscience with Chemistry students Yong Chun and Zhi Wei teamed up with Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Analytical Chemistry student Jerome to produce "It Matters", a short video that highlighted how saving precious resources such as water and electricity can save the Earth's future.

Their work won the hearts of the judges and beat five other teams, earning them the top spot and RM2,000 in cash prize.

"We were actually shocked for a while when we heard the results, followed by sheer happiness as our concept and efforts were rewarded," said Yong Chun.

He hopes that this success will prove that TAR UC's Science students are not just your stereotypical bookworms.

"My team proved that with passion, determination and effort, any student will be able to produce highly creative works no matter which faculty they are from, like how we did with our video.

"The experience was truly an eye-opener for all three of us, and we look forward to more opportunities to explore our potentials," Yong Chun added.


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