Highlights/ Achievements

Fruitful Deliberation on TAR UC's 10-year Roadmap

Dato’ Sri Liow addressing the forum participants.


Prof Ir Dr Lee presenting his 10-year plan for TAR UC.


The Q&A session in progress (seated from left to right): Mr KC See, Mr Tan Meng Chai, Prof Dr Durrishah Binti Idrus, Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei, Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, Dato’ Yap Kuak Fong and Sukhmit Singh Bhullar as well as Prof Dr Nordin Bin Yahaya (on right side of the background screen).


In order to plan the course of TAR UC in the next 10 years, , a forum focusing on the 10-year roadmap for TAR UC was held on 9 September 2020 at TAR UC Kuala Lumpur Main Campus. TAR UC’s Chairman of the Board of Governors, Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai was present to grace the forum while TAR UC President, Prof Ir Dr Lee Sze Wei, in his opening presentation delivered a comprehensive sharing on his aims and goals for TAR UC in the next 10 years.

In his welcome remark, Dato’ Sri Liow highlighted the importance of the forum as a platform for relevant stakeholders of TAR UC to contribute their thoughts and aspirations for the institution in the next 10 years. “Today, we gather here as essential stakeholders of TAR UC respectively; BOT and BOG members who oversee the bigger picture; the ever loyal and dedicated TAR UC staff who keep this institution running with integrity; the countless alumni who care for their alma mater; and most importantly, the students who are the beneficiaries of TAR UC’s holistic education.

“Each of your respective experiences with TAR UC will help shed light to our cause today, which is to help propel TAR UC further beyond just another higher education institution in Malaysia. In order to understand how TAR UC needs to grow in the next ten years, we need to establish a base of where we stand today. Insight from every point of view, angle or perspective will be taken into account so we can paint the overall picture. Only then we can begin to look into how to take TAR UC to the next level and continue to provide a learning experience beyond academic knowledge and practical skills,” Dato’ Sri Liow said.

The first session of the forum was a live feed session by Prof Dr Nordin Bin Yahaya who is a member of the Board of Governors of TAR UC. The forum continued with presentation by another member of the Board of Governors of TAR UC, Prof Dr Durrishah Binti Idrus. The third presentation was delivered by Sukhmit Singh Bhullar who is the President of TAR UC Student Representative Council followed by Dato’ Yap Kuak Fong, member of the Board of Governors of TAR UC and also President of TARCian Alumni Association. The last session was led by Mr Tan Meng Chai and Mr KC See who are alumni of TAR UC. The forum concluded with Q&A session.

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