TAR UC Teams Score Impressive Wins in MyTRIZ Competition 2016

The teams from Kuala Lumpur Main Campus with their mock cheques in the presence of Datuk Dr Tan Chik Heok, (standing fourth from left), President of TAR UC, Assoc Prof Dr Ng Swee Chin (standing second from left), Vice President of TAR UC, Assoc Prof Dr Yip Mum Wai (standing second from right) and academic staff from FEBE.

Team from TAR UC Penang Branch Campus with the mock cheque of their win (from left to right): Mr Poo Teng Soo, Mr Tai See Chew and Mr Nikalus Swee Shu Luing.


TAR UC dominated in the MyTRIZ Competition 2016 when its team of students and lecturers took home the Grand Prize and four Merit Prizes. This would be the 5th time that TAR UC participated and won prizes in the annually held competition which took place on 26 November 2016.

The theme for the competition was ‘Develop Great Innovation with TRIZ’, which complements the competition’s objectives of encouraging the application of TRIZ systematic innovation methodology, cultivating the spirit of innovation and to generate awareness of TRIZ systematic innovation around the Asia region. In a nutshell, TRIZ is a structured process that uses algorithms to enhance creativity through the scientific application of methods and principles. It is used to solve complex technical problems and assist in generating higher quality solutions in less time. For the competition, participants were required to complete two parts. The first was solving a common day-to-day problem with a low cost product solution costing less than RM100 and the second part was to solve a more complex challenge or problem using the TRIZ methodology.

The team from TAR UC which bagged the Grand Prize of RM8,000 consists of Assoc Prof Dr Yip Mum Wai, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Built Environment (‘FEBE’), Mr Naveeyindren Tangarajah, Lecturer from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, FEBE, and Lee Chen Yuek, a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical student. There were three teams from TAR UC Kuala Lumpur Main Campus who won Merit Prizes of RM1,000 each. One team consists of Dr Teoh Choe Yung, Lecturer from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, FEBE, as well as students studying the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical namely Morgan Tan Yii Hang and Sim Lee Ping. Another team was made up of Cheong Cheng Fai, Ang Cheng Heng, Chong Kah Loong who are students of the Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical. The third team which won a Merit Prize comprises Assoc Prof Dr Yip Mum Wai, Ching Weng Gui, TAR UC Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) Mechanical student and a working professional from Bosch Malaysia. Another Merit Prize winning team is from TAR UC Penang Branch Campus comprising Mr Nikalus Swee Shu Luing, Programme Leader (Computer Science & Information Technology), Mr Poo Teng Soo, Programme Leader (Building) and Mr Tai See Chew, Programme Leader (Engineering).

For Part 1 of the competition, the top team produced a dustpan that sucks in excess dirt which is usually left after sweeping most of the dirt. As for the rest of the teams which won merit prizes, their low cost product solutions comprised a screw with modified head to increase its durability, a special layer which can be fixed on top of a shower drain hole to ease the cleaning process of the hole, a modified folding emergency door meant for handless people and modifying a riveter to ensure the mandrel stem does not snap easily.

Meanwhile for part 2 of the competition, the top team created an industrial solution to minimize the number of damaged chips especially in the testing section, whereas the industrial solutions came forth from teams which won merit prizes included modification to a broom adapter to accurately fit into the broomstick to make it last longer, eliminate the noise of the drill which usually causes loud noise in low frequency, a new generation flush toilet system to reduce the volume of water by three quarters and reduction of noise level made by a strip brush machine.